WWE is the biggest opportunity for any potential aspirant looking to make a name in the physical world of combat sports. But big rewards come with big risks and injuries to their wrestlers being a common one.

One of the most promising superstars in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT has reportedly gone down with a serious injury. The star we are talking about is the highly enthralling Edris Enofe.

The Black native WWE superstar was in tag team action, teaming up with Malik Blade in a losing effort to the team of Nathan Frazer and Axiom when the reported injury happened on the 2/6 edition of WWE NXT.

Edris Enofe was, however, on NXT TV this week cutting a promo for the audience and viewers. However, the report stated that Enofe would not be competing inside the squared circle for an extended period of time.


Edris Enofe suffered a serious injury on the 2/6 show when he and Malik Blade lost to Axiom & Nathan Frazer. He was on TV this week doing a promo but won’t be wrestling for a period of time.”

With the term ‘serious’ being used to refer to Edris Enofe’s recent injury, we will have to wait for more details to know the exact nature of it. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we follow up on this story.

What do you think could be the nature of Edris Enofe’s injury? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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