Despite recent speculation, it has been confirmed that Tommy Dreamer is not taking the helm of creative direction in TNA. Reports circulating earlier today suggested otherwise, but upon closer investigation, it’s evident that the creative team remains unchanged.

Fightful Select conducted inquiries to verify the reports, and as of Friday, it has been clarified that TNA’s creative team continues to consist of Robert Evans, Hunter Johnston, and Tommy Dreamer.

Joining them are new additions Gail Kim and Jorge Barbosa. Overseeing all content is Ariel Shnerer, who will be collaborating closely with the newly appointed TNA President Anthony Cicione on talent and creative decisions.

For those unfamiliar with the key figures, Ariel Shnerer brings a wealth of experience as the former GM of Fight Network, playing a pivotal role in launching the TNA+ streaming service. His responsibilities extend to managing distribution across Anthem platforms, including securing global partnerships with platforms like DAZN and overseeing TNA’s presence on various digital platforms such as Pluto TV and Roku.


Jorge Barbosa, a Senior Producer at Anthem Sports & Entertainment, is renowned for his work on the Diary series, showcasing his creative prowess and contribution to the company’s content offerings.

Speaking of Tommy Dreamer, he appeared on Busted Open Radio, confirming that his role within TNA has not changed.

“I’m so glad people know things about my life that I don’t know. Everything is staying intact of how it was before with myself, Robert Evans, and Delirious. There are no changes. Purposely made sure that was a thing. Whoever reported about stuff in my life, thank you, but as someone who has been doing the same stuff the entire time I’ve been there, nothing has changed. Thanks for the promotion. I hope I get a raise. If I was head of creative, Moose is losing the title to me at the next show. Book myself on top, brother.”

Amidst swirling rumors and speculation, it’s now clear that Tommy Dreamer’s role in TNA’s creative direction remains unchanged. Contrary to earlier reports, Dreamer himself has confirmed that he continues to work alongside Robert Evans and Delirious, maintaining the creative integrity of the company.

How do you think the inclusion of Gail Kim and Jorge Barbosa, along with the leadership of Ariel Shnerer, might influence the creative direction of TNA moving forward? Let us know in the comments below.

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