Legendary referee Earl Hebner recently weighed in on the ongoing allegations surrounding Vince McMahon during virtual signing event with K&S WrestleFest.

Hebner’s remarks shed light on the depth of the controversy and the historical context in which it unfolds. Addressing the longevity of the allegations, Hebner expressed his hope for justice to prevail.

“The only thing I can say is, I hope justice is served. Between Vince and John, they are in a heap of trouble,” he remarked.

Hebner hinted at a deeper complicity, suggesting, “I think Johnny is trying to jump ship on Vince now. They’re both in this thing together. Vince knows what he was doing, Johnny knew about what he was doing, or Johnny knew what he was doing.”


With a nod to his forthcoming book, Hebner teased, “That’s all I can say. I can say more and really bury them, but I’m just going to wait and let justice be served. My next book, I’m going to bring everything to that.”

Reflecting on the timeline of events, Hebner pointed out, “[Allegations] go back as far as 88 (1988) because that’s when I worked there. The BS was going on then, and it’s still going on now, probably.”

When questioned about McMahon’s potential escape from consequences, Hebner offered a sobering assessment. “He thought he was getting over, but he’s not getting over. No matter how much money he’s got. He’s been getting over, but now, he’s going over this time, but it ain’t what he’s been going over with. He’s going under,”

Hebner concluded, signaling a potentially significant shift in the dynamics of power within the wrestling industry. In this pivotal moment, the wrestling community braces for what lies ahead, as the quest for accountability presses on, unyielding in its pursuit of truth and justice.

Given Earl Hebner’s remarks and the ongoing controversy surrounding Vince McMahon, what implications do you think these allegations may have for the wrestling industry as a whole? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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