On the February 13 episode of WWE NXT, Ridge Holland faced a formidable challenge as he battled Gallus and Joe Coffey in a grueling gauntlet match. The intensity of the encounter reached its peak when Holland unleashed his fury, wielding a steel chair against his opponents.

In a shocking display of aggression, Holland’s onslaught left a lasting impact, evident from the marks displayed by Joe Coffey on social media. Coffey shared images revealing his reddened back, bearing the aftermath of Holland’s chair-induced onslaught. Alongside the images, Coffey issued a stern warning, asserting that such actions against him would not go unpunished.

This recent incident adds another chapter to Holland’s tumultuous journey in NXT, as he continues his quest for redemption. Previously, in December 2023, Holland’s match against Ilja Dragunov saw the NXT Champion allegedly suffer an ‘injury,’ sparking controversy over the storyline.

Criticism of WWE’s narrative approach came from AEW’s Thunder Rosa, who cautioned that such angles were akin to “playing with fire.” As tensions escalate and animosities deepen, it’s evident that the saga of Ridge Holland’s redemption is far from reaching its conclusion.


What are your thoughts on Ridge Holland’s recent aggressive actions in the gauntlet match on WWE NXT, particularly his use of a steel chair against Gallus and Joe Coffey? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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