Brian Pillman Jr., known as The Lexis King in WWE NXT is looking to become a top prospect for the company’s developmental territory. His brash and incomparable personality has attracted fans to get behind him but has started to attract heat from fellow NXT stars.

The King is slated to face Oba Femi for his NXT North American championship next week on WWE NXT. Moreover, in this week’s edition, he even had a run with Mr. Stone backstage mentioning his children in the altercation.

Mr. Stone took to his X to react to the disrespect The Lexis King showed towards his kids and believed that he did not deserve a shot at the prestigious North American championship.

“I would get it if Lexis came up to me and talked trash… I haven’t always been the most likeable guy…


“But to talk trash about my 7 yr. old twins?

The King don’t deserve this match because the King SUCKS.”

Stone would be referring to comments made by King backstage at last night’s NXT in which the arrogant star said that Stone’s children must be desperate for a role model.

During the February 13 episode of WWE NXT, Lexis King addressed Femi saying that he had “softened up” former NXT North American Champion Dragon Lee.

The Lexis King, under his real name had an excellent start in the big leagues with WWE’s rival promotion, AEW. But he left the company in July 2023 and signed with WWE following that in the same summer.

With a huge opportunity in sight for the brash superstar, it will be interesting to see if Lexis King can get the job done and clinch his first title in WWE.

Do you think Lexis King can defeat Oba Femi for his title? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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