The Undertaker has been regarded as one of the most influential and respected WWE superstars of all time. With his in-ring career behind him, he now keeps an eye on the product as a veteran and recently had high praises for a former NXT Champion.

The superstar in question here is Bron Breakker. Ever since he made his NXT debut, Bron has proven his worth as potentially the next breakout star of the company with his amazing in-ring skills, personality, and dominance.

The self-claimed Wolf Dog has won the NXT championship on two occasions and battled the likes of stars like Dolph Ziggler and Tomasso Ciampa. Moreover, he is also been identified as a top prospect by both RAW and SmackDown to sign to their brands recently.

The Undertaker seemingly has been following his career and had massive praise for him as a credible WWE superstar. During the latest edition of his Six Feet Under podcast, The Phenom endorsed Bron Breakker as a high-caliber athlete who has the ‘It’ factor to succeed in the business.


“He’s got it. Not only the physical attributes, but he has ‘it,’ he’s a personality and the it factor is important,” ‘Taker said on “Six Feet Under.” “It’s cool that they can take that much time with him, that shows how strong the roster really is. They let him develop, and develop, and develop, and now he is ready and he’ll move into a really good spot I’m sure.”

Bron Breakker and his tag partner, Baron Corbin became the new NXT tag team champions defeating Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo this week on NXT and is looking to keep the momentum going as he moves forward in his WWE career.

Do you think Bron Breakker would emerge as a main-event WWE talent in the future? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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