Vince McMahon is currently entangled in a highly controversial situation involving a sexual trafficking lawsuit. This legal battle has shed light on additional individuals, contributing to a complex and contentious situation. In light of the allegations against McMahon, AEW President Tony Khan has refused to comment on them.

Vince McMahon is facing allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct from Janel Grant. In her lawsuit, Grant claims that McMahon distributed explicit content of her without consent, implicating other WWE personnel, undisclosed executives, and wrestling stars.

Safety in professional wrestling, especially for women, has been a longstanding concern in a sport where women were notoriously sexualized and degraded on national television.

While speaking to Amy Kaplan of Fansided, Tony Khan was asked about the safety measures AEW has implemented to protect women, particularly in light of the allegations against WWE. Khan refrained from commenting directly on the WWE situation but emphasized AEW’s commitment to creating a safe locker room environment for everyone, both women and men.


“I can’t comment on the terrible allegations against WWE right now. That’s something people are paying a lot of attention to right now, with good reason. For us, first and foremost, trying to create a safe locker room environment for everybody, women and men, and we have a really good bond. I think we have a great locker room, and everyone knows there is a support system there.

Khan highlighted the strong bond within their locker room, emphasizing the support system in place with various channels for communication. Khan emphasized the importance of providing a safe and positive workspace, stating that having people who will listen is crucial in any workplace.

There are a lot of channels, and I think everybody feels very good about having a safe place and a safe workspace and there are people you can talk to. There are people in the office, but even on the wrestling side. For us, I think that’s the most important thing in any office of any workplace, is just having a lot of people that will listen and will want to make the company a safe and good place to work.”

Tony Khan also claimed that AEW is the safest pro wrestling company. WWE is actively working to exclude McMahon from the WWE 2K24 video game, as the company doesn’t want to have anything to do with McMahon anymore. Nonetheless, only time will tell what will become of Vince McMahon.

What do you think of what Tony Khan said? Do you feel he did the right thing by not addressing Vince McMahon’s trafficking allegations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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