Solo Sikoa has proven himself as one of the most dominant young forces in WWE. However, the man who serves as the Enforcer to Roman Reigns & his Bloodline faction has been on a losing streak lately.

Sikoa is known for his mean streak and impressive strength, not to mention the dangerous aggression he inflicts on his opponents inside the squared circle.

Moreover, his dominance was on full display during his match against one of the biggest WWE superstars of all time, John Cena. Solo battled the 16-time champion at WWE Crown Jewel 2023 in Saudi Arabia, destroying him completely in the match and walking away with perhaps, the biggest win of his career so far.

However, the Bloodline’s Enforcer has been finding himself in the losing bracket lately according to since he sent Cena packing back to Hollywood.


On SmackDown, he has faced a challenging streak with zero wins in five matches, including a recent dark match loss to Cody Rhodes at a SmackDown event. Additionally, he has suffered 18 defeats at house shows, competing against opponents such as Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, and LA Knight. In the current year, his record shows nine losses, with three of them occurring on televised matches.

With the strong presence and aggressive build-up WWE has given Solo, it would be interesting to see if his losing streak turns around and makes him end up on the winner’s list.

Do you think Solo Sikoa can have a winning streak in WWE with his current persona and booking? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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