Nigel McGuinness retired back in 2011 and has now signed with AEW to be a part of the AEW Collision commentary team. Although his career inside the squared circle is over, Nigel’s longstanding feud with Bryan Danielson continues to make headlines.

Nigel had previously stated that the only way he would come out of retirement if it was for match against Danielson. Their rivalry dates back many years and despite Nigel retiring fans have continued to speculate about a potential match-up between the two. However, it now seems unlikely that a re-match between them would ever take place as Nigel has put all speculations to rest.

While speaking to Mark Hoke on The Mark Hoke Show, Nigel reflected on his beef with Danielson. He also discussed the idea of taking on Danielson again in the future. However, he quickly shot down the idea citing that Danielson has a habit of “cherry-picking” his opponents.

“Not a chance. He’s afraid of me. No chance he’d ever get in the ring with me. He knows he’s got nothing to gain from that. He’s got his long list of cherry-picked opponents that he wants for his odyssey so he can go back to his little humble abode in Seattle and dig his clams out of the beach every weekend, so I don’t think he has any interest in that. That’s all well and good. It’s probably better for him. I enjoy making fun of him and belittling him. Obviously, the truth is, he’s an incredible wrestler, one of the best that I ever faced. But that can’t take away from the vitriol and legit jealous of and sort of resentment that I have towards someone, their career was at the same sort of level as me, and then our stars certainly went in different directions,”


While on the subject, Hoke flirted with the idea of Nigel making a surprise return to the ring and make the match happen. Nigel then noted that you can never say never but he would bet against it. Nigel’s comments have surely killed-off any speculations about his potential return to the ring.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Danielson responds to Nigel’s comments. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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