The Anoa’i family has been credited as one of the most dominant and celebrated wrestling families of all time. With the WrestleMania season coming up, an interesting stat in regards to the Samoan dynasty and The Show of Shows came to light.

A user on X pointed out the fact that members of the Anoa’ family have been a part of 15 WrestleMania main events out of the total 39 editions taken place so far, being a historic achievement for their Bloodline.

The top names from the Samoan stars included the likes of Yokozuna, The Rock, The Usos, and the man who is on the quest to set the record for most WrestleMania main events, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

“The Anoai fam has main evented 15 of the 39 WrestleManias.
WM 9: Yokozuna WM 10: Yokozuna WM 15: Rock WM 16: Rock WM 17: Rock WM 28: Rock WM 29: Rock WM 31: Reigns WM 32: Reigns WM 33: Reigns WM 34: Reigns WM 37: Reigns WM 38: Reigns WM 39: Usos WM 39: Reigns.”


The records show Yokozuna being a part of WrestleMania main events twice, The Rock an impressive five times, Usos closing the show once last year, and Reigns with a remarkable record of seven main events.

The family would look to add their 16th main event this year as Roman Reigns is once again positioned for the last match on the Grandest Stage of them all. He will battle The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and will probably have The Rock by his side.

But with WrestleMania still months away and alterations already witnessed, we will have to wait and see who finally competes in the main event of WrestleMania 40.

Do you think it will still be Roman vs Cody by the time WWE reaches Mania? or will we see a different WrestleMania main event? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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