Tony Khan recently shared his thoughts on WWE’s groundbreaking move to bring WWE Raw to Netflix starting January 2025. This announcement marks a significant shift for WWE, as it will be the first time since its inception in January 1993 that Raw will be off linear television, making its debut on an OTT streaming service.

During an appearance on Payne & Pendergast, Khan was asked about the impact of WWE’s move to Netflix on the wrestling industry, including AEW. Khan expressed his excitement about the expansion of big media rights in the wrestling business, noting that it’s a positive development for everyone involved.

“Absolutely. We’re excited to get big media rights renewals in the wrestling business. That’s great to see for everybody. We’re in a big contract year, too, and I think AEW is going to get big media rights,” Khan stated.

Right now, we have a great partnership on TBS and TNT that I want to continue for a long time. We’ve been on since 2019, it’s five years now we’re going on TBS and TNT, and it’s been great and I want to keep it going because there is a great tradition of wrestling on those channels.”


Khan emphasized AEW’s successful partnership with TBS and TNT, highlighting the tradition of wrestling on those channels. AEW Dynamite initially premiered on TNT in October 2019 before moving to TBS in January 2022. Additionally, AEW Collision and AEW Rampage continue to air on TNT, reflecting the strong relationship between AEW and the Turner networks.

As WWE’s move to Netflix signals a major shift in the wrestling media landscape, Khan’s comments underscore the importance of securing media rights in the industry and the value of maintaining successful partnerships with established television networks like TBS and TNT.

What are your thoughts on Tony Khan’s perspective regarding WWE’s decision to bring WWE Raw to Netflix? How do you think AEW’s partnership with TBS and TNT will continue to shape the wrestling media landscape amidst these industry changes? Let us know in the comments.

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