Love him or loathe him, AEW President Tony Khan isn’t hitting the brakes on his social media activity anytime soon.

Known for his penchant for engaging with critics on Twitter, Khan’s online presence has become a topic of interest among fans and fellow pro wrestling figures alike. During media event for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Khan addressed his decision to clap back at critics, citing a connection with the AEW fanbase as his motivation.

“We have a great connection with the fans, so it’s a good question, but I think we’ve been able to build real engagement at times, and I think there’s tangible proof of that,” Khan explained.

Highlighting AEW Dynamite’s recent ratings success, Khan proudly shared that the show has outperformed the NBA on ESPN in three out of the last four weeks. This achievement, coupled with AEW’s strong connection with its fanbase, reinforces Khan’s belief that their approach is working effectively.


“I believe three out of the last four weeks Wednesday night Dynamite has beat the NBA on ESPN straight up and we’ve had great, great success connecting with our fans so I think what we’ve got going works really well.”

However, while Khan’s social media engagement may generate attention, it hasn’t come without criticism. WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray and wrestling veteran Konnan have suggested that Khan could benefit from stepping back from Twitter and being more open to constructive feedback.

Khan’s willingness to engage on social media has led to public exchanges with notable figures from the wrestling world, including Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, and Disco Inferno. While his approach may divide opinion, there’s no denying that Khan’s active presence adds an intriguing dynamic to the wrestling landscape.

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