It’s been over a year since Tony Khan shocked the world and bought Ring of Honor. The company was responsible for producing several top Indie stars of the years.

When Tony Khan acquired the company, he gained access to its roster, assets, and even HonorClub – their streaming service. Initially, Tony canceled ROH shows before he rebuilt the roster back up from scratch again.

Over the years, ROH wrestlers have featured on AEW television as well with many appearing on Collision. HonorClub is still going strong and features a massive library of matches. It is also the home to their weekly ROH TV show.

Tony Khan recently appeared on The K&C Masterpiece where he opened up about HonorClub stating that the streaming service is at an all-time high.


“Ring of Honor, we have a great streaming service. They were operating a streaming service when I purchased the company, HonorClub. We’ve built it up, and now it’s at the all-time high, higher than even when they put the MSG show on it. We’ve built it up and grown the subscriber base, which is amazing because we killed it completely, shut it down, started from scratch, and built it back up with the great wrestling we’re doing,” he said.

It’s good to hear that HonorClub is still going strong after all these years and we hope it can continue the momentum into 2024.

What are your thoughts on HonorClub? Have you purchased a subscription to the streaming service? Sound off in the comments section.

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