During an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, CM Punk’s close friend Ace Steel touched upon the possibility of Punk taking on commentary role in WWE while recovering from his torn triceps injury. While Steel acknowledged that there might be interest from WWE in having Punk on commentary, he expressed reservations about the idea.

Steel highlighted concerns regarding the recent storyline involving Drew McIntyre’s attack on Punk’s arm, which led to his injury. He suggested that Punk’s focus would likely be on seeking revenge against McIntyre, potentially overshadowing his commentary duties. Moreover, Steel expressed discomfort with Punk being on the same show as McIntyre, fearing it would detract from the storyline’s credibility.

“Definitely, they want him commentary, they want him on commentary. I don’t know that they go that route since they did an injury angle to pull him out since they did the storyline on him; [Drew] stomps on his arm. There’s the physicality that puts him out. I personally don’t want to see him in an onscreen role unless it’s in the meantime he’s doing NXT or something.”

“I really don’t want to see him on the same show as Drew Mcintyre because his sole focus would be going after Drew Mcintyre. ‘Well, I can’t fight you. Well, I’m gonna try.’ We see people hit by cars and forktrucks and all these things, you know. Still, I feel like the fact that they did the injury that a lot of people think they, they put the storyline to it now that a lot of people think it’s, he’s faking it, which is hilarious that it’s a storyline 100% which of course it’s wrestling. So, you’ve done so many of those, like, oh, well, let’s do this where he hurts guys.”


However, it’s important to note that Steel’s remarks were merely speculative, and there has been no indication of Punk being considered for a commentary role by WWE.

Fightful Select clarified that there have been no discussions regarding Punk’s involvement in commentary, and he is not expected to be at the Performance Center in the coming weeks. The notion of Punk potentially doing commentary was solely a suggestion made by Steel during the podcast discussion.

“There was no discussion of CM Punk doing commentary, and he’s not expected to be at the PC the next few weeks. We’re told the Ace Steel podcast of Punk being planned for upcoming commentary work was simply a suggestion of Steel’s.”

In essence, while Steel’s comments raised the possibility of Punk participating in commentary, there is no concrete indication of such plans being in place. As of now, Punk’s focus remains on his recovery from injury, and any potential future roles within WWE remain uncertain.

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