Toni Storm has made quite an impression with her new Timeless character. However, before her rise as the Timeless Toni Storm in AEW, she was a part of The outcasts alongside Ruby Soho and Saraya. Recently, she opened up about her decision to break away from the group.

Since leaving The Outcasts, Toni Storm has found great success in AEW as she won AEW’s women championship. While speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho, Toni reflected about her decision to leave The Outcasts back in September 2023. She also revealed what went wrong within the group which led up to her shocking departure.

“Yes, Saraya. Once a very good friend of mine, and Ruby Soho as well. We had been quite the trio. They have a problem with me, I can’t for the life of me remember why. I don’t know what their problem is. I think my suspicion is they got jealous of my flamboyance. My overall ambiance. My je ne sais quoi. I can’t help it if I am the creme de la menthe of this industry. Naturally, people are going to get jealous. I’ve had it my whole career. Everyone has been jealous, jealous, jealous. What do I do? They will come back in their own time. One day, they will go, you know what Timeless Toni Storm is one we want to keep inside the tent spitting out, not outside the tent spitting in. It can be very dangerous. The door is open. If they wish to apologize, if they wish to come back and apologize to me, the door is always open,” 

Toni shared that her “flamboyance” attitude may have given rise to jealousy within the members of the group. She added that despite their apparent animosity, she’s open to forget all of it if they come up to her and apologize. It remains to be seen if the group agrees to mend their fences.


Moving on in the discussion, Jericho jokingly compared Toni’s status in the group to that of Beyonce’s. Toni responded that she’s doesn’t know who Beyonce is but “he sounds fantastic.” Jericho then corrected Toni and said Beyonce is a female. If you don’t know it already, Beyonce was a member of Destiny’s Child, who went on to become one of the biggest solo acts in the world.

“I don’t know who this Beyonce is, but he sounds fantastic.”

Meanwhile, Toni is all set to face off against Deonna Purrazzo at AEW Revolution. She’s the favorite going into the fight for the world championship. We’ll have to see if Toni manages to come out victorious once again. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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