One of the most prominent female free agents in professional wrestling, Kamille, has recently wrapped up her tenure with the NWA at the beginning of 2024. Her NWA run was highlighted by an impressive 812-day reign as the NWA Women’s Champion, a remarkable accomplishment in the world of wrestling.

Initial reports had suggested that Kamille was in discussions with WWE, but it now appears that those negotiations have ceased.

According to PW Insider, Kamille has engaged in “deep discussions” with AEW, hinting at her potential destination. These talks with AEW not only revolve around her wrestling career but also offer her the flexibility to explore acting opportunities. Kamille apparently discovered a passion for acting after portraying former NWA & AWA champion June Byers in an upcoming Mildred Burke film, and she now has representation in the acting industry.

Regarding WWE, it is confirmed that she was offered a deal with NXT. However, as previously mentioned, those discussions have come to an end.


Wrestling fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on Kamille’s future endeavors, and Ringside News will continue to provide updates on her status as she navigates her career path.

With Kamille’s impressive NWA Women’s Championship reign and her deep discussions with AEW, how do you think her potential move to AEW might impact the women’s division in the company? Are there any specific matchups or storylines you would like to see her involved in if she joins AEW? Let us know in the comments below.

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