After the infamous backstage altercation with CM Punk during the AEW All In event, Jack Perry found himself in hot water as Tony Khan, AEW’s head honcho, slapped him with an indefinite suspension, effectively derailing his burgeoning career as a heel.

However, Jack Perry’s journey through the wrestling world didn’t come to a complete standstill. A surprising turn of events unfolded when made an unannounced appearance at Battle in the Valley in 2024, where he ruthlessly attacked Shota Umino before dramatically tearing apart his AEW contract.

While Perry’s unexpected appearance at an NJPW show undoubtedly left fans in awe, there was one individual who vehemently disapproved of his presence within the NJPW realm.

Gabe Kidd took to social media to voice his disdain and openly challenged Perry to a backstage brawl. He also boldly asserted that Perry resorted to showing up at NJPW events because he couldn’t secure bookings from his own boss, Tony Khan.


Gabe Kidd boldly declared, “And someone tell Jack Perry if he wants to get in a scrap backstage, I’ll see him in Chicago. Little rat. Can’t get booked by your own boss so you turn up to our shows. We don’t want you ya little twat”

In the midst of the chaos that has unfolded, one thing is for certain – Jack Perry’s actions have sparked a firestorm of controversy and intrigue within the wrestling world.

Gabe Kidd is set to team up with his Bullet Club War Dogs stablemates in a 10-man steel cage match against United Empire at NJPW New Beginning in Osaka. We will have to wait and see if Jack Perry will respond to Gabe Kidd’s challenge.

What do you make of Gabe Kidd’s challenge to Jack Perry? Who do you think will win in a fight between these two men? Sound off in the comments section.

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