Ash By Elegance, formerly known as Dana Brooke, was released from WWE last year after decade of working with the company. Since her release, Ash has embarked on a new journey in her wrestling career. She made her debut in TNA at TNA Hard to Kill this year and things are looking up for her. It appears, Ash isn’t too hurt by WWE’s decision to let her go.

While speaking to Distortion Media, Ash expressed that she’s excited to leave the old character behind and close the WWE chapter. She stated she cannot wait to go out in the ring and show the world what she’s capable of. She further added that she wants to try something new and bring out a “totally different” character.

“I was comfortable in a position, I felt like I couldn’t really control my own destiny, with TNA I am given an opportunity to really show the world who I am, the potential that I feel I haven’t tapped into yet.” 

“I cannot wait to go out and show the world what I can do, It’s definitely a different side of me, I kind of want to leave that old character in the past and bring out something new and elegant and fun, a totally different character, a totally different look, and bring elegance and class and sass to the ring.”


It should be noted, Ash has yet to make her in-ring debut for TNA. Ash is confident in her abilities to compete in the current knockouts division, which she described as, “the best of the best.” This also provides her the opportunity to showcase her talents in a different way.

However, the new Ash By Elegance gimmick was massively dragged by fans on social media as they claim it’s Toni Storm rip-off. Ash soon shut down her critics as she said that it was just a hairstyle and she hadn’t even cut a promo yet. She has previously stated that the new moniker is different side of her, one that she hasn’t been able to show fans yet.

It appears, Ash is very excited about her future in TNA as she’s determined to bring out a fresh look in her career. It remains to be seen what TNA does with her storyline next. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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