AEW has a ton of highly talented professional wrestlers who are always ready to entertain fans every week. However, not all of them are necessarily locked in with a contract. Now, an AEW tag team have confirmed their contractual status in the company.

Boulder and Bronson are known as the Iron Savages, have been tagging since 2017 under the name ‘Bear Country’ before a rebrand. Since 2020, they have collaborated with AEW and, in the past year, have been prominently featured in the Ring of Honor brand.

Boulder made a guest appearance on The Shining Wizards podcast, confirming that he and Bronson are signed to AEW. When discussing memorable moments from their AEW run, he mentioned their match against Jack Perry and Luchasaurus on the April 7, 2021, episode of Dynamite. Boulder revealed that he tore his bicep during that match. Despite facing challenges, they eventually secured contracts with AEW.

”We kept coming back (to AEW) and after a while, we got contracted. Since we were there, not really in the most positive light, but a match that sticks out to me is our match, April 2021 on Dynamite against Jurassic Express. That was the match where I tore my bicep. Not very fun.”


They initially signed with the company four years ago. While unable to disclose future plans with AEW/ROH, they express the intention to stay and contribute to building the ROH tag team division.

Well, I can tell you we signed our first contracts literally on New Year’s Eve of 2020 and can’t really talk about what the future holds. But we plan on sticking around for a long time and really help bolstering up that tag division in Ring of Honor. You know, everyone wants to say they’d love to be on TV every week and be the champions and be featured every week and that’s great and everything but I’m not a demanding person. I don’t expect the world, I’m very happy with what we’re doing.”

”I know it’s not perfect yet, and we’re still — not really throwing sh*t at the wall and seeing what sticks but, we’re trying to find our stride. You’ll notice every match, we’re trying to do something different, trying to see what sticks, trying to see what people like and that’s what wrestling is.

The Iron Savages participated in the ROH on HonorClub taping on February 3rd following Collision. Their latest appearance on AEW TV was on the December 2nd episode of Collision. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for the dynamic duo.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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