Stonecutter Wrestling has announced an exciting pay-per-view event and on-demand release titled “MJF: SCARVES & SUPLEXES” for the month of February.

The event will feature Michael Jacob Friedman, famously known as MJF, a notorious heel in the wrestling world. MJF is known for his obnoxious persona, constant insults, and even disdain for children. Despite his unlikeable character, he has achieved the status of an AEW World Champion and a wrestling star. This event will showcase the early fights and championship bouts that catapulted MJF into the world of professional wrestling stardom.

Stonecutter Wrestling’s series offers a monthly opportunity for fans to delve into the early careers of current wrestling stars. These shows can be ordered on pay-per-view or accessed on-demand. In addition to “MJF: SCARVES & SUPLEXES,” fans can also check out “AR FOX: THE WHOLE FOXIN’ SHOW,” which is still available on pay-per-view and on demand.

To watch these events, fans can visit their cable or satellite provider’s website to order on pay-per-view or check their on-demand guide for available shows. This promises to be an exciting opportunity for fans to witness the early career and rise to stardom of MJF in the world of professional wrestling.


Below is the official trailer for the pay-per-view along with the official press release from Stonecutter Wrestling.


You love to hate him.  Michael Jacob Friedman – the heel known as MJF.  And why wouldn’t you hate him?  He’s obnoxious, he insults everyone, and he even hates children.  But he’s an AEW World Champion and a star!  You’ve seen him in some of the biggest fights in some of the biggest venues and on prime-time TV.  And now you can see the early fights and championship bouts that rocketed this vicious titan into stardom!

Every month you can see a new show focused on the early career of a current wrestling star, and you can order the shows on pay-per-view or on demand.  In addition to MJF: SCARS & SUPLEXES, be sure to check out AR FOX: THE WHOLE FOXIN’ SHOW, still available on pay-per-view and on demand.  Go online to your cable or satellite provider’s website to order on pay-per-view.  Or check your on demand guide for available shows.

Are there any specific early matches or moments from MJF’s career that you’re looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

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