Maria Kanellis came to be known as the ‘First Lady of Women’s Wrestling’ for her vocal and confident nature and contributions to the business. However, it may come as a shocker that the same woman did not have any interest in stepping inside the squared circle.

While Maria did not want to be a wrestler, she recently took to her X in now-deleted tweet to reveal why she decided to put her body on the line for the entertainment of fans. Kanellis mentioned that she never aspired to be an in-ring performer, but she gave a shot and things did not work out.

Moreover, her interest lay in the other areas of the business such as direction and managing superstars with her favorite work being helping upcoming talent find their footing in the wrestling business.

Lastly, Maria concluded by stating that the only reason she would wrestle again was if her children would like to see their momma step in the ring to lay some carnage.


“Few other things, I don’t wrestle and I’m not trying to wrestle. I never wanted to be a wrestler but I tried it and it wasn’t for me. I like working backstage, producing, directing, developing and I like managing. I like to create. My favorite thing is helping talent find themselves in this industry. The only reason I would wrestle is for my children to see momma wrestle.”

Maria Kanellis is currently a part of AEW where she continues to pursue her passion of managing young and upcoming stars and giving back to the business in her own way. However, it would be interesting to see Maria Kanellis embark on one more outing between the ropes.

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Nikunj Walia

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