Jordynne Grace, much like many other TNA superstars is happy to see the brand going back to its roots. However, she believes that an important part of that history should only be back for special occasions.

During recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Grace spoke about the company embracing the TNA roots once again that has been prevalent among the wrestling audience even during the IMPACT era.

“I was so excited. I think a lot of us have wanted that for a long time. We swatched the name a couple of times over the years. Global Force, then moving to IMPACT. IMPACT was awesome in building it back up, but now we can finally embrace what TNA at its root was always meant to be, which is it was always supposed to be a family and somewhere that people could go and be the absolute best wrestlers that they could be.”

Furthermore, Jordynne Grace mentioned that she would like to see the return of the iconic six-sided ring from the TNA days. However, she would rather see it for special events than become a regular fixture on TNA programming every week.


“Personally, I would not like to see the six-sided ring come back full-time, but I would absolutely love to do a special pay-per-view. I’d love to see it for Slammiversary or Bound For Glory. I think that would make those pay-per-view, which are already huge pay-per-views, even more special, if we were able to get the six-sided ring back for those.”

Jordynne Grace has been on the top of her game recently. She defeated Trinity at the first rebranded TNA pay-per-view in January to become the TNA Knockouts World champion. Furthermore, she made an appearance as surprise entrant in the WWE’s Women’s Royal Rumble match later that month.

With Big Momma Pump probably in the best phase of her in-ring career, it would be interesting to see what the future holds for Jordynne Grace.

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