CM Punk’s WWE return came before a resurgence into the wrestling world in their rival promotion, AEW. However, as he would come back to his ‘home’ as he said, Punk found himself reuniting with former AEW colleague Jade Cargill.

In recent WWE chronicle that captured Punk’s moments leading to the Royal Rumble and its aftermath, he was spotted sitting in the crowd area and filming an interview in the empty Tropicana Field arena, the sight of the aforementioned WWE PLE.

As the former WWE champion continued, he spotted Jad Cargill up the entrance ramp. This led to CM Punk running off the interview towards her and greeting Cargill with a hug.

“I saw you at the corner of my eye and I’m like they are asking me questions and I am just like … (trying to spot Jade Cargill)”


Cargill did mention that she also spotted Punk but did not approach her due to the Best in the World filming for the chronicle.

“I said hi, and then I was like no he is busy, let him go.”

CM Punk and Jade Cargill were considered marquee attractions for AEW. However, Punk was fired from the company following a real-life altercation with Jack Perry in August 2023, while Cargill left the company a month later and both would later sign for WWE before the end of 2023.

Do you think CM Punk and Jade Cargill would appear onscreen together in WWE down the line? Sound off in the comments!

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