Becky Lynch remains one of the biggest names on WWE television, as her star continues to shine bright every day. However, things weren’t always great for The Man as she was told to embrace a more feminine style early in her career, despite later becoming a former Women’s Champion.

Lynch entered WWE through NXT in 2013, making her TV debut in June 2014. Initially emphasizing her Irish nationality with green attire and an ‘Irish jig’ entrance, Lynch later transitioned away from this character. She rose to prominence as one of NXT’s top women before her promotion to the main roster in 2015.

Lynch entered WWE during a pivotal time for women in the promotion, transitioning from the Divas era to a focus on storytelling and wrestling. While speaking on her new Never Before Told series with Seth Rollins, Lynch recalled receiving awkward advice early in her WWE career. She expressed her goal to headline WrestleMania and elevate women’s wrestling.

In the initial stages, Becky Lynch found the instructions confusing, being told women couldn’t use certain moves, and even being advised to “move like a girl,” which left her perplexed.


“Coming into WWE, I had one very specific goal and that was to main event WrestleMania and make women’s wrestling the coolest thing on TV, and to change the game and to be seen as equal. Even in my early stages in NXT, it was weird and confusing because you were told that women can’t punch and you can’t use things like steps and you can’t use the post. Are we supposed to just hair pull and slap each other? It’s very confusing. I even remember being told, ‘Move like a girl.’ What, I am a girl, what do you mean? It was all so very confusing.”

Becky Lynch also felt that her NXT debut was the most shameful in WWE history. Nonetheless, The Man would go on to accomplish a lot of great things in her career and that’s all that matters.

What do you think of what Becky Lynch had to say? Do you feel she had the best growth out of any WWE Superstar in history? Let us know in the comments section below!

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