Gunther has been the most successful and dominating force in the WWE’s Intercontinental Championship history. In September of last year, the WWE star had achieved a milestone by surpassing The Honky Tonk Man’s 35-year record for the longest reign with the Intercontinental Championship.

After his title successful defense against Kofi Kingston this week on Monday Night Raw, Gunther has reached a milestone 600 days title reign. Following his triumphant victory, Gunther has teased an interesting idea for match-up with Seth Rollins for a title vs title bout.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Gunther discussed the idea of potential match-up with Rollins with both the WWE Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Championships on the line. The WWE star expressed his belief that he might just walk away with both the titles under his belt.

“I always thought that scenario would be interesting with me and Seth in there, The Intercontinental Champion versus the World Heavyweight Champion. Actually, in that scenario it all works out how I would like it: I would be the only one able to walk out with both titles.”


Even though he acknowledged it’s all speculation at this point, but he loves how wrestling can be unpredictable. According to him, it’s the surprise factor which makes the wrestling business “exciting.” If this potential bout is actually brought to reality fans can expect an action packed showdown between the two WWE stars.

“But yeah, speculation is a great thing, I think,” said the Intercontinental Champion. “Unpredictable this year, it is what makes this business exciting; nobody knows where it’s going.”

Moving on in the discussion, Gunther also touched the subject of rebuilding his legacy in Intercontinental Championship. He proudly said that he’s been doing the work to build the reputation around his title longer that Seth Rollins has with the World Heavyweight Champion.

“I’ve been honored rebuilding or building the reputation of the title than him. It’s a very difficult spot to be in, to be the first one to have the new established title when everyone relies on you to make it work, and I think he’s done pretty well.”

As things stand, Gunther is the frontrunner to challenge Seth Rollins for the World Title at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. We’ll have to see if Gunther manages to defend his title against Rollins. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you the latest updates!

What do you think of this potential match-up? Who’s your favorite to win? Let us know in the comments!

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