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The start time for AEW Dynamite is 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

AEW Dynamite Lineup (1/31/2024):

  • Dealer’s Choice: Swerve Strickland vs. RVD
  • Dealer’s Choice: Hangman Page vs. Toa Liona
  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taya Valkyrie
  • Chris Jericho vs. Kyle Fletcher
  • Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Hardy

AEW Dynamite Results (1/31/2024):

The Dynamite opening segment was broadcast, followed by a dazzling pyrotechnics display on the stage. Providing commentary for the event were Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone, while Dasha took on the role of the ring announcer.

The opening match kicked off with Jon Moxley making a dramatic entrance through the crowd. As the excitement built, the camera panned to four CMLL wrestlers in the audience, heightening anticipation for the upcoming Bryan Danielson vs. Hechicero match at AEW Collision. Jeff Hardy made his entrance from the stage, and notably, he was not accompanied to the ringside by his brother Matt Hardy.


Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff executed an early dive, targeting Moxley at ringside, and proceeded to choke him using a lengthy piece of cloth he had tucked away. Excalibur noted that the match’s rules seemed to be somewhat relaxed, allowing for these intense actions. Moxley swiftly retaliated with a daring suicide dive.

The two competitors continued their battle outside the ring, with Hardy eventually hurling Moxley over the barricade and onto the CMLL wrestlers present in the crowd. After a brief altercation with the fans, Moxley returned to ringside. Hardy responded by hurling a chair towards Moxley’s head, with Moxley managing to protect himself just in time. Hardy then charged, leaping off the ring steps only to be met by a powerful punch from Moxley, leading into a picture-in-picture commercial break.

As we returned from the commercial break, the intensity of the match continued to escalate. Moxley seized an opportunity and jammed a pen into Hardy’s gauge hole in his ear, twisting it in a painful maneuver. Jeff managed to fight his way out of this painful hold, and the action spilled out to the ringside area. Once back inside the ring, they exchanged a flurry of strikes, with Hardy delivering a Manhattan Drop, a double leg drop, a basement dropkick, and an elbow drop, but only managing to secure a nearfall.

Jon then executed a snapping piledriver, but it wasn’t enough as Hardy kicked out. They found themselves jockeying for position on the apron, leading to a devastating Twist of Fate by Hardy. Climbing to the top rope, Jeff connected with his Whisper in the Wind, but it still wasn’t enough to secure the victory.

Both competitors ascended to the top turnbuckle, where Moxley met Hardy with a back rake and followed up with a superplex. They continued to exchange punches, and as Hardy attempted another Twist of Fate, Jon countered with an Ace Crusher. However, when Moxley went for his Paradigm Shift, Hardy countered with a side Russian legsweep and a leg-trap pin, but Moxley just barely kicked out in time.

Hardy attempted another Twist of Fate, but this time it was blocked by Moxley, who then hit a devastating side Russian legsweep. Just when it seemed the match could go either way, Moxley managed to secure the victory with a bodyscissors sleeper hold, leading to a referee stoppage and declaring him the winner.

After the match, Jon Moxley sports sportsmanship and extends a handshake towards Jeff, but Jeff responds by defiantly flipping him off.

However, the post-match drama doesn’t end there. Hechicero, Mistico, Volador, Jr., and Mascara Dorada suddenly leap over the barricade and launch a brutal attack on Moxley, subjecting him to a barrage of kicks and stomps. The situation becomes dire as it appears that Moxley is being overwhelmed.

In a moment of sheer chaos, the locker room empties out. Notably, the Blackpool Combat Club is conspicuously absent, but a group of wrestlers including Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, and 2.0 rush down to the ring to rescue Moxley from the onslaught of the CMLL wrestlers. The chaotic scene unfolds, and the broadcast heads into a commercial break with the situation still in turmoil.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Toa Liona (Dealer’s Choice Match)

Page aggressively backs Liona into the corner, unleashing a flurry of punches. However, Liona manages to reverse a whip, sending Page up and over the ropes, and then proceeds to land a series of punches of his own.

Toa Toa intervenes, shoving Page back and delivering a hip check before whipping him across the ring. In a display of athleticism, Page catches Liona mid-crossbody and attempts a reversal into a cradle for a two-count.

A crafty low bridge maneuver sends Liona tumbling to the outside floor. Liona quickly returns to the apron and effortlessly hurls Adam over the ropes and onto the floor with a single hand!

Back in the ring, it looks like Liona is preparing for a Banzai Drop, but it doesn’t quite pan out as expected. Instead, he opts for a seated senton and attempts a slingshot into the ropes, but Page cleverly gets his knee up in time to counter the move. Dazed and hurting from the exchange of right hands, Page makes his way off the ropes, but Liona dodges a punch and propels Hangman right out of the ring, leading us into a break with the action heating up.

Returning from the commercial break, Page attempts to fight back, but Liona seizes the opportunity to crotch him into the Tree of Woe position. Relentlessly, Liona delivers a series of headbutts, holding Adam up in the corner to make each one count. He then propels off the ropes and delivers a diving headbutt into the corner. Liona attempts a senton from the apron, but Page manages to evade it, causing Liona to crash and burn.

With Liona outside the ring, Page goes for a plancha, but he doesn’t quite get all of it. Toa Toa assists by passing Liona back inside the ring, and Page follows up with a spectacular suicide dive that connects perfectly.

Page goes for a diving crossbody, but it only results in a near two-count. His signature move, the Deadeye, is denied by Liona, who manages to counter. Undeterred, Page rebounds off the ropes and delivers a powerful lariat, but Liona remains on his feet. Hangman ducks a crossbody attempt from Liona and takes him down with another lariat. Page then hits the Deadeye, but Toa Toa surprisingly pops up, adding a layer of suspense to the match.

A wicked headbutt and a discus lariat follow, and it’s incredibly close to sealing the deal, but Page keeps his resolve. The action moves to the apron, where they exchange moves back and forth. Page finishes with a stunning Orihara moonsault!

Back on the apron, Page attempts a slingshot, but Liona has other plans. He tries for a Samoan drop, but Page reverses it into a crucifix pin, securing the victory for himself with a hard-fought pinfall win.

In a backstage segment, we are shown footage of Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, also known as the Young Bucks, as they arrive at the arena earlier in the day. They are visibly upset when a crew member addresses them by their short names instead of their full wrestling personas. The Young Bucks express their displeasure and proceed to fine the crew member $500 for what they perceive as a lack of respect or professionalism. This incident hints at their dedication to maintaining their wrestling personas and the importance they place on their image within the wrestling world.

Komander vs. Wardlow

Adam Cole joins the commentary team to provide insights into the action.

Wardlow dominates early on, effortlessly shrugging off Komander’s attempts to gain control. He showcases his power by tossing Komander around by one leg and smoothly transitioning into a powerslam. Wardlow continues his assault with stomps and chokes Komander in the ropes before delivering a devastating F-5. Mr. Mayhem takes a moment to flex for the camera on the tron, admiring his own strength, before heading out to the floor to continue his assault on Komander.

Komander, however, refuses to be easily defeated. He swats Wardlow aside and manages to execute a Frankensteiner, sending Wardlow crashing into the steel steps. Back on the apron, Komander attempts a slingshot dropkick but misses on his first try. On the second attempt, he connects, and Wardlow leaps up on the apron, but Komander cleverly ducks him, leading to more dropkicks.

Taking advantage of the situation, Komander ascends to the top rope and executes a ropewalk dropkick. He then goes all out with a daring Phoenix Splash, but it’s still not enough to secure the victory. Wardlow regains control, performing a tossing powerslam and a suplex into the corner before lifting Komander for a powerful powerbomb, ultimately winning the match by pinfall.

After the match, the Undisputed Kingdom rolls Komander into the ring, and Roderick Strong confronts him. Strong reminds Komander that he’s going to pay the price for not accepting the deal that was offered on Saturday.

However, just as things are looking dire for Komander, Orange Cassidy rushes to the ring, accompanied by Best Friends and Rocky Romero. The heels, clearly outnumbered and outgunned, thank Orange for his intervention and wisely decide to retreat, leaving the ring and heading to the back.

Following the break, Tony Schiavone moderates a sit-down interview between the current tag team champions, “Absolute” Ricky Starks and “Big” Bill Morrissey, and their challengers, Darby Allin and Sting.

Tony emphasizes that there should be no physical contact during this interview, and Starks starts by explaining his issue with Sting. He mentions that Sting got his first win in AEW over him, and Allin interjects, stating that Ricky doesn’t respect Sting or anyone and sees Sting’s legendary career as nothing more than a stepping stone.

Starks retorts by saying that Darby had to attach himself to Sting, but they are determined to retain the tag team titles. He expresses his respect for Sting but makes it clear that there’s no room for respect when it comes to Darby.

Bill Morrissey mocks Sting’s hype for Darby and points out that they’ve been overlooked and overshadowed by the tag team champions, who have been bragging about heading into Revolution without mentioning them once.

Sting responds by telling Starks that he admired him for being the only one brave enough to confront him and talk trash, but respect needs to be earned. He acknowledges facing many big men like Bill in the past but questions whether Bill has what it takes.

Darby adds that he respects Starks, but every time Ricky points a finger, he needs to realize that there’s only one person to blame, and that’s himself. Tensions escalate as Ricky throws water at Darby, prompting Darby to get fired up. Sting intervenes, diffusing the situation, and asserts that while he’s never been one for words, both he and Darby will take on Ricky in Phoenix next week.

Chris Jericho vs. Kyle Fletcher

Fletcher wastes no time and charges out of the gates with intensity. He executes a Michinoku Driver, going for a nearfall early in the match. Following that, Fletcher mounts his opponent, delivering a series of punches and even showing some cockiness, which Jericho takes advantage of by low bridging him and setting up for his signature triangle dropkick.

The action spills to the outside, and they make their way up the ramp halfway before returning to the ring. Inside the squared circle, Jericho continues his offense with mounted punches, a whip into the corner, a big elbow, a snapmare, and a kick to the spine, all leading to a two-count cover.

Kyle then takes control, putting the boots to Fletcher, and the action heads into a break with the match still in progress.

In the match’s later stages, Kyle Fletcher managed to execute a brainbuster on Chris Jericho, but it only resulted in a two-count. Jericho attempted a Lionsault, but Hobbs intervened, attacking Jericho while Don Callis distracted the referee. Despite this setback, Jericho made a comeback and locked Fletcher in his signature Walls of Jericho submission hold. Fletcher, showing resilience, managed to reach the ropes, forcing Jericho to break the hold.

Fletcher struck back, dropping Jericho with a superkick and going for a near fall. Jericho responded with a Codebreaker, but it took him a bit of time to make the cover, allowing Fletcher to kick out at two.

In a pivotal moment, Fletcher climbed the ropes and delivered a brainbuster onto the turnbuckle, covering Jericho for another near fall. Frustration began to show on Fletcher’s face as he couldn’t secure the pinfall.

Shortly after, Fletcher evaded the Judas Effect from Jericho and connected with a kick that sent Jericho to the outside. Fletcher attempted a suicide dive but fell victim to a Judas Effect at ringside. Jericho then ran Hobbs into the ring steps, returned Fletcher to the ring, and hit him with another Judas Effect before pinning him for the victory. Chris Jericho emerged as the winner in this hard-fought match against ROH TV Champion Kyle Fletcher.

Following the match, Konosuke Takeshita made his way onto the stage while the broadcast team eagerly promoted his upcoming match against Chris Jericho for next week’s episode of Dynamite. Takeshita made a throat-slash gesture, indicating his readiness and determination for the impending showdown.

The broadcast then transitioned to a video package featuring Deonna Purrazzo, who discussed the significance of her tattoos in her life. She mentioned that she and Toni Storm had gotten matching tattoos of ducks, symbolizing their journey and experiences together. Purrazzo wondered aloud about what this matching tattoo meant to Storm.

Jay White, Austin Gunn, and Colten Gunn made their entrance, with White stopping on the stage and gesturing towards the backstage area. Soon after, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, and Billy Gunn made their entrance and joined White’s group in the ring. Bowens humorously mentioned the arrival of “The Bang Bang Scissor Gang” over the house microphone.

White briefly addressed the audience, and then Caster took his turn to speak. He expressed that something was missing, prompting him to instruct Bowens to fetch “Card Blade.” Bowens then presented a cardboard cutout of White, symbolizing his removal from the Bullet Club Gold faction. As a humorous twist, the group indicated that they had “fired” Card Blade. They followed this up by revealing a cardboard cutout of Juice Robinson.

Austin Gunn attempted to emulate his father’s signature schtick, but Billy Gunn took over and did it himself. The group then united, performing the “Gunns Up” hand gesture and engaging in a playful scissor gesture, adding a lighthearted and entertaining element to their segment.

As we return from the commercial break, Toni Storm makes her entrance and takes a seat at the commentary desk. Storm’s presence adds an exciting dimension to the commentary team as she provides insights and commentary on the ongoing action in the ring.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taya Valkyrie

In the match between Valkyrie and Deonna Purrazzo, the action heats up as Valkyrie begins with a series of strikes in the corner. Purrazzo swiftly counters by taking her down with an armbar. The two wrestlers engage in a series of moves, including a wristlock, a ducked lariat, and an arm wringer that transitions into a kneeling armbar.

Taya Valkyrie manages to reverse the situation, but Deonna Purrazzo regains control with another armbar. Purrazzo sends Valkyrie to the floor with a tijeras, and Johnny TV quickly moves her away from Toni Storm at the commentary desk.

Purrazzo follows up with a baseball slide to the floor, but the heels retreat. She gives chase to Johnny and Taya seizes the opportunity, delivering a spear on the ropes. Taya and Johnny share a kiss in celebration before we head into a commercial break.

Upon returning from the break, Purrazzo continues to showcase her technical prowess with forearms off the ropes and a big running knee that sets up a side Russian legsweep. Valkyrie manages to reverse an armbar into a crucifix pin, but Purrazzo responds with a pump kick. She goes for the cover, but Valkyrie kicks out at two.

Taya Valkyrie retaliates with a short Blue Thunder Driver and attempts a double wristlock stomp, which Purrazzo reverses into a heel hook. After some back-and-forth, Purrazzo escapes into a cover for another near fall. The match sees both competitors trading submissions and kicks before Purrazzo passes Taya through the ropes and delivers a baseball slide to her.

Back inside the ring, Purrazzo notices that she inadvertently put Taya into Toni Storm at the commentary desk, causing some mild frustration. Ultimately, the match concludes with Deonna Purrazzo securing the victory by submission using her finishing move, Venus de Milo.

Following the match, Renee Paquette conducts an interview backstage with Darby Allin. However, before he can speak, the Young Bucks interrupt the interview. Matthew Jackson questions why Darby is allowing a 63-year-old individual, whom he refers to as a “bloodsucking leech,” to steal his money. Nicholas Jackson asks why Darby has been avoiding their messages.

Darby responds by saying that he has no offense towards the Bucks, but his focus is solely on the tag team titles. The Young Bucks bid Renee Paquette farewell and we head into another break.

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe made his way to the ring as Excalibur excitedly hyped the upcoming matches, including Bryan Danielson vs. Hechicero and Continental Crown Champion Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Keith for the AEW Collision event this Saturday. Joe then joined the broadcast team for the main event, adding his insights to the commentary.

Swerve Strickland entered the arena, locking eyes with Rob Van Dam, who was making his entrance to Pantera’s “Walk” to a strong crowd reaction. The tension between Swerve and RVD was palpable as they faced each other in the ring.

However, Hangman Page unexpectedly interrupted the proceedings by appearing on the big screen. He pointed out that Swerve hadn’t carefully read the contract, as it allowed Page to choose the match type. Page then announced that their encounter would be a hardcore match, adding an extra layer of intensity and unpredictability to the impending showdown.

Swerve Strickland vs. Rob Van Dam in a Dealer’s Choice match

In the hardcore match between Rob Van Dam and Swerve Strickland, RVD wasted no time in utilizing a chair as a weapon. He hurled the chair at Swerve, who managed to get his arm up in time to block some of the impact. Swerve quickly rolled out of the ring to regain his composure.

RVD pursued Swerve to the outside, relentlessly attacking him. He rammed Swerve into the barricade and then set up a chair against the barricade. Swerve took a seat in the chair, but he was met with a powerful kick from RVD. The crowd began to chant for tables as RVD continued to assert his dominance in the early stages of the match.

RVD then positioned Swerve over the barricade and leaped from the apron, delivering a spin kick that connected with his opponent. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe, who was on commentary, found amusement in the proceedings, laughing at the chaos unfolding outside the ring. RVD briefly clutched his back, but he quickly regained his footing as the match headed into a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Swerve Strickland and Rob Van Dam, the action reached a fever pitch. Both competitors used chairs and other hardcore elements to their advantage in a thrilling display of aggression.

At one point, Swerve ran RVD into a chair wedged in the corner of the ring, sparking a “this is awesome” chant from the crowd. RVD responded by returning the favor, running Swerve into the chair and following up with his signature Rolling Thunder. RVD even dropkicked a chair into Swerve in the corner and covered him for a two-count. Swerve retaliated with a powerbomb onto another chair, nearly securing the victory.

The match took an unexpected turn when Brian Cage made his entrance and shoved RVD off the ropes. This led to a brief altercation between Cage and Hook, who came out and slammed a chair over Cage’s back before both individuals fought to the backstage area.

Back in the ring, RVD rolled Swerve into a pin for another near fall and delivered a well-placed kick. However, the action intensified as Swerve took control, and the possibility of the show running long was mentioned by the broadcast team.

Swerve attempted a double stomp off the apron onto RVD, who was sitting in a chair at ringside. The high-risk move paid off as Swerve connected with precision.

During the overrun, Samoa Joe expressed his frustration with the “pretenders” in the AEW roster and wanted RVD to expose them for who they are. In a dramatic moment, RVD threw a chair at Swerve, causing him to fall from the ropes and through a table he had set up on the floor.

RVD attempted to hit his Five Star Frog Splash on Swerve, who was placed on a chair. However, Swerve moved at the last moment, and RVD landed hard on the chair. Swerve retaliated by kicking a chair at RVD’s head and covering him for another near fall.

In the final moments, Swerve gained the upper hand, slamming RVD’s face into the top turnbuckle, following up with a Swerve Stomp, and securing the pinfall victory.

Following the match, Hangman Page stormed to the ring with a microphone in hand. Page congratulated Swerve but called him an “evil bastard.” He mentioned the upcoming rankings and pointed out that both of them were undefeated, indicating they would be at the top of the list.

Page recalled Swerve’s previous comments about needing the AEW World Championship. Page asserted that he would be the next world champion and vowed never to let Swerve win the title. Swerve laughed at Page’s words and accused him of being unable to beat him. Page countered by saying it took the entire Mogul Embassy to defeat him and claimed that man-to-man, Swerve couldn’t lace his boots.

Swerve ultimately agreed to give Page one more match, with the stipulation that the winner would challenge Samoa Joe for the AEW World Championship at AEW Revolution. Samoa Joe, who was watching from the broadcast table, appeared pleased with this development.

Excalibur then announced that Tony Khan had just made Swerve vs. Page official for next week’s Dynamite, with the winner earning a title shot against Samoa Joe. Additional matches and a major announcement from Tony Khan were also teased for next week’s episode, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the action to come.

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