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WWE NXT will start this week at 8:00 PM EST as always, match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. You can check out the lineup below.

WWE NXT (1/30/2024) Lineup:

  • Dusty Classic Semifinals: Trick Melo Gang vs. LWO will open the show.
  • Heritage Cup: Von Wagner vs. Noam Dar.
  • Lola Vice vs. Elektra Lopez.
  • Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley.
  • The show will conclude with a face-to-face encounter between Ilja Dragunov and Trick Williams.

WWE NXT (1/30/2024) Results:

Booker T and Vic Joseph will be your announcers for tonight’s event.

Let’s kick things off by revisiting the contract signing showdown between Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez, and also taking a closer look at the shocking actions of Tatum Paxley towards Roxanne during that intense encounter.


Next up, we’ll delve into the fiery altercation between Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez and the events that transpired between them.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes vs. Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinal Match

Hayes and Wilde initiate the match, engaging in a lock-up. Hayes gains the upper hand with a side headlock. Wilde counters with a waistlock and executes a running side headlock takedown. Hayes and Wilde continue with waist locks, but Hayes quickly turns the tide with a series of arm drags and a well-executed dropkick. Hayes then regains the side headlock and deftly avoids a dropkick, following up with a bulldog.

Trick enters the match and delivers a crisp dropkick of his own. Wilde retaliates with a jawbreaker, and Cruz enters the ring. Together, they execute a double back elbow, setting up Wilde for an assisted slingshot splash. Cruz follows it up with a quebrada for a near fall. Cruz unleashes punches and a chop, attempting a cross body, but Trick catches him and slams Cruz forcefully several times.

Cruz manages to escape Trick’s grasp and strikes him with a well-placed dropkick to the back of the leg. Cruz secures a front face lock, but Trick counters with a pop-up punch that sends Cruz down. Hayes tags back in and delivers a flurry of chops to Cruz, establishing dominance in the match.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams displayed their impressive teamwork and resilience. It all started with Hayes delivering a back elbow to Cruz as he charged into the corner. Cruz responded with a round kick that knocked Hayes off the turnbuckles. Raul Mendoza, tagging in for Legado del Fantasma, hit a senton onto Hayes while Cruz executed a suicide dive onto Trick Williams. Hayes fought back with a forearm, but Joaquin Wilde countered with a kick. Wilde then sent Hayes into the turnbuckles.

However, Hayes blocked being sent into the turnbuckles again and reversed it, sending Wilde into the turnbuckles instead. Hayes followed up with an Irish whip, but Wilde countered with a boot to the face and a clothesline. Wilde transitioned into a snap mare and applied a combination of an armbar and chin bar. Wilde pulled Hayes to the mat, but Hayes fought back with a punch, and Wilde responded with a forearm.

Cruz tagged in and delivered kicks and a choke to Hayes in the corner. Cruz followed up with chops and a rear chin lock. Hayes fought out with forearms, but Cruz held on to prevent the tag. Hayes continued with more punches, but Wilde delivered forearms. Hayes landed on his knees after a failed belly-to-back suplex attempt. He managed to hit a clothesline, and both men were down.

Trick Williams and Joaquin Wilde made the tag, with Trick delivering a jumping side kick. Trick followed up with a forearm but missed a clothesline on Wilde while hitting Cruz. Trick then slammed Wilde and attempted a uranage but ended up hitting a double one, securing a near fall. Trick sent Wilde into the corner but missed a knee strike. Hayes tagged in and teamed up with Trick to hit an assisted splash for another near fall.

Hayes climbed to the top rope, but Wilde knocked him into the tree of woe. Cruz tagged in and knocked Trick off the apron before delivering a thrust kick to Hayes. Cruz ascended the turnbuckle, and together with Wilde, they executed a double coast-to-coast move on Hayes, nearly securing the victory. Hayes managed to kick out thanks to Trick’s timely save.

Hayes had Wilde down, but Cruz delivered a neck breaker that catapulted Wilde into Trick, leading to a DDT. Trick and Wilde rolled to the floor, while Hayes and Cruz engaged in a fierce exchange of forearms and slaps. Hayes connected with a round kick and an Irish whip, but Cruz countered by going to the apron and delivering a forearm. Cruz then hit a missile dropkick.

Wilde tagged in, and Cruz went up top for a twisting senton. Hayes countered with a Codebreaker, stopping Wilde in his tracks. Hayes then went to the turnbuckles, but Wilde sent him face-first to the mat. Hayes retaliated with another Codebreaker, and Trick Williams tagged in. Hayes sent Cruz over the top rope, and Trick finished the match with a jumping knee strike, securing the three-count and advancing to the finals.

Winners: Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes (advance to finals)

Following the intense match, Oba Femi launched a surprise attack on Cruz and Joaquin. However, Dragon Lee rushed to the scene and struck Femi with an enzuigiri before delivering a series of punches. Cruz and Wilde joined in for a three-on-one assault, but Femi managed to push them away. Femi retaliated with knee strikes and tossed Wilde into Cruz. As Dragon Lee attempted a high-flying move off the turnbuckles, Femi chopped him in mid-air, halting his attack.

Meanwhile, backstage, Ava interviewed Ridge Holland. Ava expressed concern for Ridge’s request for a three-on-one match, aiming to protect him from himself.

Lexis King then arrived, bearing a gift basket in an attempt to ingratiate herself with Ava. Ava graciously accepted the gift from Lexis.

Ridge continued to press for a match against all three members of Gallus, but Lexis insisted it wasn’t the right time, citing her scheduled meeting with Ava. Ava, however, had a different idea and suggested that Lexis face Ridge in a match that night. She then excused herself, leaving Ridge to re-gift the basket.

Next, we saw footage of Tatum Paxley admiring a photo of herself and Lyra. Tatum expressed her commitment to being there for Lyra.

Lyra Valkyria approached Tatum and questioned her about the attack on Roxanne. Tatum claimed that Lyra had suggested she take out Roxanne. Lyra clarified that she didn’t want Roxanne taken out, but Tatum assured her that once she took care of Roxanne, Lyra wouldn’t have an opponent for the night.

Lyra Valkyria joined Booker and Vic at the announce table for the next match.

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley

Perez gained the upper hand early with a Thesz Press, sending Tatum Paxley into the turnbuckles. Perez followed up with a series of kicks to Tatum in the corner and then executed an Irish whip, followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Displaying some disrespect, Perez pie-faced Tatum and slammed her head into the mat multiple times. She then applied a cravate, maintaining control over her opponent and securing a near fall while keeping the hold locked in.

Tatum managed to escape Perez’s clutches with a snap mare and retaliated with forearms. The two competitors exchanged forearm strikes, with Perez and Tatum each landing blows. Tatum then took a page out of Lyra’s book, imitating her pose and hitting a dropkick through the ropes. She sent Roxanne back into the ring, but Roxanne capitalized on Tatum’s distraction with Lyra at the announce table and executed a suicide dive. This sudden attack from Roxanne turned the tables in the match.

Roxanne Perez managed to thwart Tatum Paxley’s attempt to execute a swinging slam from the turnbuckles. Instead, Perez countered with an arm drag and a well-placed kick, setting up her finishing move, “Pop Rox,” which secured her the victory via pinfall.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Following the match, Tatum Paxley unleashed an attack on Perez. Lyra Valkyria entered the ring as well, and tensions escalated, though they stopped short of exchanging punches, with Tatum closely observing the situation.

In a different scene, Arianna Grace and Wren Sinclair were in the kitchen area. Arianna commented that Wren sounded like she came from a ranch, prompting Fallon Henley to eavesdrop on their conversation. Fallon insinuated that something was amiss and suggested that Arianna should demonstrate her wrestling skills to Wren in the ring. She mentioned that she would speak to Ava to arrange the match.

As the show went to commercial, Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice were seen walking backstage.

Elektra Lopez vs. Lola Vice

Lopez and Lola Vice brought the intensity from the get-go. As the bell rang, Lopez quickly took Lola down and began delivering a barrage of punches. Lola fought back with punches of her own and followed up with a shoulder tackle that sent Lopez to the outside. Lola then connected with a round kick, but Lopez retaliated by sending Lola into the ring post and landing a knee strike to her head.

Lola managed to regroup and unleashed a series of Speedball kicks. She followed it up with a running hip attack in the corner, pulling Lopez into the center of the ring for a near fall. Lola then executed an axe kick to Lopez’s back and applied a modified camel clutch. Lopez fought back with elbows, but Lola responded with a kick.

Lopez attempted a roll-up for a near fall, but Lola countered with a punch and a knee strike. Lola then applied a triangle submission, but Lopez broke free with a powerful powerbomb. Lola answered with a forearm strike, and the two competitors engaged in a back-and-forth exchange of strikes.

Lola managed to connect with a back heel kick, but Lopez evaded a follow-up kick. Lopez then delivered chops to Lola, followed by a double thrust to the throat and an elbow strike. Lopez executed a short-arm clothesline, but Lola kicked out at the last moment. Lopez then attempted a uranage, but Lola countered with a guillotine hold that secured her the three-count victory.

Winner: Lola Vice

In the following segment, we saw Dijak watching his previous match against Joe Gacy. Joe entered the room and mentioned that Dijak often comes there to think. Dijak expressed his desire to kick Joe’s ass again, but Joe disregarded his warning and sat down despite Dijak’s protests.

Dijak questioned Joe about his intentions, and Joe responded by stating that he doesn’t want anything in life. Joe thanked Dijak for inquiring about the splinters he had removed from his rear end. Joe then asserted that Dijak wouldn’t be able to get rid of him and played a recording. Dijak reacted by punching Joe, who retaliated with a punch of his own, setting the stage for a continuing feud.

Ridge Holland vs. Lexis King

In this match between Ridge Holland and Lexis King, they initially locked up, resulting in a stalemate. Lexis attempted to gain an advantage by pushing Ridge in the back. They locked up again, but Ridge took control with a nerve hold and an elbow strike to the bridge of King’s nose. Ridge followed it up with a cover for a near fall.

Ridge continued his dominance with a short-arm clothesline and a wrist lock. Lexis King fought back with a chop and rolled to the outside to regroup. Ridge pursued him, and King managed to regain momentum with a side headlock. However, Ridge countered with a shoulder tackle, sending King into the ring post. Ridge then delivered a European uppercut, but King responded with a chop.

The action returned to the ring, with Ridge hitting King with a forearm. Ridge executed a back body drop and locked in a front face lock, swinging King around for added impact. Ridge followed up with a delayed vertical suplex, showcasing his strength and control in the match.

Ridge attempted to lift King onto his shoulders, but King countered with elbows. Ridge quickly regained control with a clothesline, causing King to roll out of the ring. King, however, came back with a clothesline of his own on the outside and then sent Ridge back into the ring. King delivered a series of elbows to the back of Ridge’s head and proceeded to choke him in the corner. Ridge retaliated with a kick and an uppercut.

King countered an Irish whip from Ridge with a clothesline and followed it up with a snap mare and a kick to the back. King secured a near fall and then applied a rear chin lock. Ridge fought back with punches, but King responded with a kick to the leg and a swinging neckbreaker for another near fall. King continued the assault with knees to Ridge’s shoulder and a running clothesline to the back of Ridge’s head, nearly securing the victory.

Ridge managed to counter a kick from King and executed a T-bone suplex followed by an exploder. Ridge then unleashed a splash in the corner and attempted another Irish whip, but King countered with a boot. Ridge retaliated with a uranage and a headbutt, followed by hoisting King up and delivering hot shots and knee strikes. Ridge capped it off with a Northern Lariat.

However, the match took a dramatic turn when Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang appeared, attacking Ridge. They introduced chairs into the ring, placed Ridge’s leg in one of them, and proceeded to brutally assault Ridge’s leg with another chair.

Lexis King capitalized on the distraction and hit a superkick to Ridge in the ropes, following up with a hanging Coronation for the three-count victory.

Winner: Lexis King

After the match, the Coffey brothers and Wolfgang continued their assault on Ridge, focusing on his injured leg. They used chairs to further damage Ridge’s leg, leaving him in a precarious situation.

In a separate segment, Andre Chase expressed his disbelief at having to bid farewell to Chase University. Duke Hudson approached Chase, suggesting they do it one last time, hinting at a final showdown or farewell event involving Chase University.

In the locker room, Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes discuss their upcoming finals match. They reflect on their individual opportunities, with Hayes mentioning his participation in the Royal Rumble and Trick’s presence on SmackDown. Trick expresses his distrust for Theory and Waller, while Hayes brings up Ilja’s mind games, but Trick remains confident that it won’t be an issue. Hayes emphasizes that Trick needs to stay focused and not let Ilja get into his head. They both agree that they will handle the situation face-to-face in their upcoming match.

Hayes reassures Trick that everything he has said to him has been true, emphasizing their partnership and how he has had Trick’s back from the beginning.

In the ring, Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Riley apologize for the closure of Chase University. Andre expresses gratitude for the time he had running the institution and the positive impact it had on NXT. Duke mentions his personal growth and transformation during his time at Chase U, and he encourages everyone to remember the university in a positive light. Duke reveals that they’ve prepared a video to commemorate the memories and experiences they’ve had at Chase University.

In an emotional moment, Andre Chase showed his gratitude and said his goodbyes following the video presentation about Chase University. He expressed that the situation had been a teachable moment and looked forward to whatever life had in store for him and his associates. Andre bid farewell to the audience.

However, Jacy Jayne interrupted the farewell by making her entrance alongside Thea Hail. She quoted the famous saying, “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” Jacy admitted that she initially didn’t think she’d fit in at Chase University and acknowledged her initial toxic behavior. She talked about seeking friends and how she witnessed the strong bonds within the university. Jacy mentioned the positive changes she saw in people like Duke and Andre’s protective nature towards Thea. She realized that she needed to change too.

Jacy then revealed that she had a solution to save Chase University from closure. She introduced the “2024 Ladies of Chase U” calendar and explained that the revenue generated from it would help save the university. The calendar would go on sale, providing the necessary funds to keep Chase U running and take it into the next decade. Jacy’s announcement was met with cheers, and Chase embraced her for her efforts.

Afterward, Tony D’Angelo, Channing Smith, and Adrianna make a bold declaration, expressing their intentions to take over and dominate NXT. They talk about their unique qualities and assert that they will make their presence felt.

Fallon Henley is shown in a backstage segment with Brooks Jensen, but she cuts him off before he can ask an important question.

Returning from commercial, the Chase University group is seen discussing their plans to get the calendars to Vengeance Day. They praise Jacy for saving the university and express their gratitude.

Lexis King approaches the group and asks for a signed calendar. Riley stands between Jacy and Thea to prevent any trouble, and Lexis comments that no one likes him.

Thea playfully mentions that she likes Riley, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

The segment concludes with a glimpse of Joe Gacy and Dijak fighting in the background, setting up a potential conflict between them.

Fallon Henley (with Wren Sinclair) vs. Arianna Grace

In this match between Fallon Henley and Arianna Grace, they started with some technical grappling. Fallon applied a wrist lock, but when Grace tried to make her kiss her hand, Grace rolled through to escape and celebrated, blowing kisses to the crowd. Fallon maintained control with a wrist lock and arm wringer, followed by an arm bar. Grace fought back with punches, and Fallon responded with a back elbow. Fallon executed a snap mare, and Grace begged for mercy to avoid a kick. Fallon continued with arm drags, showcasing her technical prowess. Grace retaliated with a forearm and attempted a slam, but Fallon managed to escape. Fallon followed up with a shoulder tackle and a jumping side kick to the head, then slid to the floor to punch Grace. Grace fought back with a back elbow and sent Fallon into the turnbuckles. Fallon countered with a punch and returned the favor by sending Grace into the turnbuckles, then rolled her up for a near fall.

Fallon maintained a wrist lock, but Grace countered with a wrist lock takedown. Fallon held on to the wrist lock and transitioned it into a hammerlock. Grace went to the apron and used it to send Fallon into the turnbuckles. Grace followed up with a Saito suplex and targeted Fallon’s lower back with a forearm strike. Fallon fought back with forearms, but Grace delivered a forearm to the back. Grace then hit an Irish whip into the corner and a running back elbow, finishing with a suplex attempt that earned her a near fall.

In the latter part of the match, Arianna Grace continued her offense by delivering an Irish whip to Fallon Henley and following it up with a series of kicks in the corner. Grace then choked Fallon in the ropes and executed a snap mare, transitioning into a rear chin lock. She landed punches on Fallon, who fought back with a punch of her own. Fallon managed to roll Grace up for a near fall, countering Grace’s offense.

Grace regained control with another Irish whip, but Fallon countered with a back elbow. Fallon attempted to get Grace on her shoulders, but Grace fought back with a fish hook followed by a forearm to Fallon’s back, sending her to the mat. Grace locked in a rear chin lock, rubbing Fallon’s face into the mat and slamming her head.

However, Fallon found an opening when she blocked one of Grace’s kicks and retaliated with a back heel kick and a punch. Fallon continued her comeback with a flying clothesline and a flying shoulder tackle. She hit a back elbow in the corner and executed a running hair takedown. Grace rolled out of the ring, but Fallon pursued her and landed punches before rolling Grace back into the ring.

Jakara Jackson then provided a distraction to the referee, allowing Lash Legend to deliver a bicycle kick to Fallon. Grace took advantage and rolled onto Fallon for the three-count victory.

Winner: Arianna Grace

Following the match, OTM and Jaida addressed the camera, emphasizing their intent to take over NXT and cause disruptions. They declared that they were more than just a phrase or acronym; they were a lifestyle. Each member of the group shared their determination to rise from humble beginnings and make their mark in the women’s locker room. They warned Tony D’Angelo and his gang that they shouldn’t have crossed paths with them.

In a backstage segment, Dijak and Gacy continued their brawl on a production truck. Dijak punched Gacy and held him over the side of the truck, but Gacy fought back with kicks. Eventually, Dijak sent Gacy off the truck, intensifying their ongoing feud. The segment ended as they disappeared from view.

The show then headed to a commercial break.

Noam Dar (with Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, and Oro Mensah) versus Von Wagner (with Robert Stone) for the Heritage Cup

Round One:

In the opening round, Dar unleashed a barrage of leg kicks, following up with a relentless series of strikes. He then applied a side headlock, but Wagner quickly countered with a powerful shoulder tackle. Wagner continued his assault by sending Dar into the turnbuckles when Dar attempted to escape. Dar’s kicks found their mark, but Von blocked a particularly vicious one. In response, Von unleashed another shoulder tackle and transitioned into a front face lock. However, Dar fought back with swift kicks to Von’s arm and a well-executed wrist lock. A final kick from Dar turned the tide momentarily. Von answered with an arm drag, but Dar retaliated with a slap. Von retaliated by driving Dar into the corner and delivering a series of shoulder strikes, ultimately taking him down.

Von then executed a gutwrench suplex, showcasing his impressive strength. Following this, Von hoisted Dar onto his shoulders and spun him to the mat, leaving Dar reeling. As the round neared its conclusion, Von removed some of his wrist tape and resumed his assault with punches, ensuring he had the upper hand.

Even after the bell signaling the end of the round, Von couldn’t resist landing a few additional punches. He attempted to seize an advantage by reaching for Dar while Dar was being carried to his corner.

Round Two:

Von’s aggression continued into the second round, as he delivered a splash to Oro and proceeded to pummel Dar with punches. Von’s brute force sent Oro over the top rope, crashing to the floor outside. Seizing the opportunity, Dar capitalized with a Nova Roller, securing the three-count and earning the first fall of the match.

Noam Dar 1 Fall Von Wagner 0 Falls

Round Three:

Dar wasted no time in the third round, launching a running forearm and a flurry of punches at Von. Von attempted to push Dar away, but Dar’s precise leg kicks found their mark yet again. In a display of bravado, Dar even executed a sliding kick on Von and took a moment to taunt Stone’s kids. Dar ruthlessly targeted Von’s leg, ramming it into the ring post and delivering more punches from the outside. A sliding kick to Von’s leg further increased the damage, culminating in a near fall for Dar after a Northern Lariat.

Dar attempted an aerial maneuver from the turnbuckles, but Von caught him mid-air and executed a devastating choke slam. This maneuver nearly secured a fall for Von. Von followed up with a delayed vertical suplex, but Dar managed to roll to the floor, briefly escaping the onslaught. However, Von pursued him to the outside and sent him back into the ring. The interference of Oro, Lash, and Jakara on the apron momentarily distracted Von, but Wren and Fallon intervened to free him from their clutches. Dar sought to apply a knee bar, but Von thwarted his efforts, and the round came to an end with Dar still holding onto the submission.

Dar took his time releasing the hold as the round concluded.

Round Four:

The fourth round commenced with Dar delivering a forearm strike, but Von countered with a near fall after a powerful punch. Von then grabbed Dar by the throat, but Dar retaliated with a back elbow. Von responded with an elbow to the head and successfully blocked an attempted counter from Dar. Von then executed a slam, but his attempt at a boot saw him tumble over the top rope and crash to the outside. Dar capitalized on the opportunity, delivering a boot that sent Von colliding with the ring steps. Dar continued his assault with a drop kick to Von’s knee against the ring steps, but his attempt at a Nova Roller was thwarted as he ran into a boot.

Dar managed to escape from Von, who then missed a shoulder charge in the corner, colliding with the ring post. Seizing the moment, Dar executed a jackknife cover, securing the three-count and winning the match.

Winner: Noam Dar

After the intense match, Dar and Oro couldn’t resist taunting Stone’s kids, adding insult to injury.

Von Wagner, however, was not done. He lunged at Dar and Oro, aggressively pursuing them. In his anger, he even removed the hood from the announce table, signaling his intentions to deliver more punishment. Von grabbed Dar and prepared for a power bomb, but Oro attempted to intervene with a kick. Dar managed to slip away from Von’s grasp, and just before escaping, he landed a swift kick on Von. Oro, unfortunately, ended up as the victim of Von’s wrath as he was power-bombed through the announce table.

Ava, the authority figure, stepped in and confronted Dijak about his actions, questioning if he wanted to face potential suspension. Dijak, however, had other plans in mind. He requested a No Disqualification match against Gacy, showing his determination.

Ava expressed her concerns about Gacy’s physical condition for the upcoming match on Sunday. Nevertheless, Gacy made a surprising appearance, emerging from a dumpster nearby. With a playful attitude, he agreed to the No DQ match, only to comically fall back into the dumpster.

Ava eventually instructed Dijak to leave the scene, and the situation was left hanging in the balance.

As the drama unfolded, Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov were seen making their way backstage, adding an air of anticipation as the broadcast headed to commercial.

Back on Vengeance Day, the event’s card was highlighted, setting the stage for the upcoming matches.

Trick Williams took a moment to address the audience, expressing that he had a lot on his mind. He then called out Ilja Dragunov to join him in the ring, a request that Ilja honored.

Ilja, with a sly smile, acknowledged Trick’s readiness for their impending showdown at the event. He mentioned their clash with the “hottest star in WWE” and playfully referenced the phrase “whoop that trick.” Ilja extended a handshake as a gesture of goodwill, but Trick refused, citing Ilja’s supposed cunning.

Trick accused Ilja of listening to the wrong voices, particularly Carmelo Hayes. He argued that their relationship was based on respect and hinted at Ilja’s decision to delay their match for an advantage.

Ilja fired back, explaining that he wasn’t cleared to wrestle due to injuries sustained in 2023 while giving his all for the brand. He emphasized his commitment and how he had pushed himself to new limits. Ilja questioned Trick’s choice of words and suggested that Trick wouldn’t face him unless he was at full strength.

Trick countered by alleging that Ilja had pushed their match back to double-book him.

Ilja clarified that he had offered the match to Trick, who had accepted it willingly. He also mentioned Baron Corbin’s involvement, hinting at Trick’s own success and the demands placed on him by Carmelo Hayes.

Trick asserted his focus on winning the Dusty Classic and capturing the title from Ilja, prompting Ilja to emphasize their history and the impact of their rivalry on Trick’s growth.

Trick urged Ilja to leave Carmelo Hayes out of the discussion, but Ilja emphasized that it was about Trick himself and his vulnerabilities. He warned that any sign of weakness would lead to the destruction of everything Trick had built.

Confidently, Trick claimed that no one, not even the Mad Dragon, could dismantle his achievements. He insisted that he knew his identity and was determined to prove his destiny.

Ilja, acknowledging Trick’s determination, predicted that history would be written on Sunday, but not in the way Trick expected. The two rivals finally shook hands, but then a surprise attack came as Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker ambushed Trick from behind.

Carmelo Hayes rushed to the ring to aid his partner, but Bron Breakker restrained him. Trick and Hayes managed to fend off Baron and Bron, sending them tumbling to the outside.

Ilja Dragunov then confronted Trick Williams, getting in his face. The segment ended with a tense standoff as the show went to credits.

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