Vince McMahon’s controversial past continue to create a PR nightmare for WWE. The sexual assault and sex trafficking lawsuit filed by ex-employee Janet Grant against the former WWE head has given rise to serious speculation in the industry. Amid the controversy surrounding McMahon, former WWE star Tommy Dreamer has shared his hot take on the topic.

On Busted Open Radio, Tommy discussed the allegations slapped against McMahon. He began the discussion by emphasizing the need for a safe workplace in the wrestling industry. He also asserted that those involved in the McMahon need to be held accountable for their actions. Tommy further highlighted the importance of reporting on the outcome, whether the allegations are proven true or false.

“If it is true, everybody needs to be held accountable for it.” However, he also expressed the same thing if the allegations are proven false. “A lot of times the outcome, if it is ‘Hey, this isn’t true’ doesn’t get reported on enough.” Continuing, he recalled how difficult the scandal has been for both him and Mark Henry. “We personally know Vince McMahon. We’ve worked with Vince McMahon but we’ve also had friendships with Vince McMahon.” He also added that the claims are still alleged and that McMahon has been known to fight through difficult things at difficult odds. “When this happens they’re going to look deep into both parties and there’s going to be an investigation.”

Moving further in the discussion, Tommy talked about the business aspect of the scandal as he agreed with WWE and TKO for distancing themselves from McMahon. He commented on their decision that it was the right thing to do considering the negative impact on WWE. Mark Henry also joined in the conversation to highlight the importance of hearing both sides of the story to completely understand the situation.


“WWE and TKO did the right thing with distancing themselves [from] Vince McMahon, also Vince McMahon stepping away because he understands how this is affecting WWE.” Henry also lent his voice to the conversation: “Based on the alleged story from Miss Grant’s side, you don’t wanna just take one side of the story, you want both sides of the story.”

The lawsuit filed by Janet describes the terrible accounts of the various times that Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis sexually assaulted her. Even Brock Lesnar’s involvement in the incident became public. As it stands, things are not looking good for McMahon.

Meanwhile, McMahon has continued to vehemently deny all allegations launched at him. He has stated through representative that he plans to vigorously defend himself. Stay tuned to RingsideNews for more updates.

Do you think Vince McMahon will be able found innocent? What’s your take on the controversy surrounding him? Let us know in the comments!

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