Matt Riddle was involved in several memorable moments during his tenure in WWE, including a heated feud with Seth Rollins. In a recent revelation, Riddle shed light on the promo, revealing the identity of the person who allowed him to drop the F-bombs.

Back in 2022, Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle took part in a highly personal feud that escalated to new levels of intensity. One of the most memorable moments took place when Rollins took jab at Riddle’s real-life divorce during a heated interview segment on RAW.

The Monday Night Messiah made a shocking statement, claiming, “Your wife divorced you, took your kids, and they don’t want to see your b**** ass anymore.” Riddle then replied by saying he will “f*ck up” Rollins. This level of realism in the promo truly baffled fans.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, The Original Bro was asked about his controversial interview with Seth Rollins. When asked if he was responsible for the F-bombs, Riddle revealed that it was Triple H who permitted him to use the F-bombs.


”No that was given to me. Thank you Triple H, you know Paul. I think that was the give-take. It also gave me an element of realism, he got his pill, his bullet of realism, that gave me mine because nobody says the F-word in WWE, nobody says it on TV, especially my character who is cool as a cucumber. He crossed the line, where the f*** are you? Where are you, I’m gonna kill you. They said I couldn’t say ‘kill’ but I could say the F-bomb.”

It’s worth mentioning that despite the intense rivalry and personal jabs, Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle eventually mended fences following their real-life animosity. Currently, Riddle is enjoying his life outside of WWE, competing around the world, and exciting fans with his endeavors beyond the company.

What do you think of what Matt Riddle had to say? Did you enjoy his feud with Seth Rollins back in 2022? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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