CM Punk’s injury at the WWE Royal Rumble has led to a delay in his return to the ring, and it was originally set up for him to face Drew McIntyre upon his return. However, it was revealed on the January 29 episode of WWE Raw that Punk’s return won’t be happening at WrestleMania 40 in April.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, a reasonable timeline for CM Punk’s return from injury would be in September. Interestingly, WWE had set up a big angle on Raw with Drew McIntyre as Punk’s opponent for his return. However, it’s worth noting that Drew McIntyre’s contract is not confirmed beyond April, which adds a layer of uncertainty to this potential matchup.

“September is a reasonable return. Which was interesting because they set up the big angle with Drew McIntyre tonight to be his opponent when he returns, and Drew McIntyre’s not under contract past April. And that has not changed. Which really surprised me.”

Reports had previously indicated that McIntyre had not signed new contract, and his current deal is set to expire after WrestleMania. It appears that WWE has been handling contract negotiations in the order they were due to expire under Endeavor’s ownership, but the exact status of McIntyre’s contract negotiations remains unclear.


In the storyline on Raw, McIntyre made it clear that he had hoped for Punk’s injury to happen and was proud that he had “exorcised the demon” from the locker room. He attacked Punk, focusing on his injured arm. With Punk’s return delayed and McIntyre’s contract situation uncertain, the future of this planned matchup remains up in the air.

The delay in CM Punk’s return and the uncertainty surrounding Drew McIntyre’s contract certainly adds a layer of unpredictability to WWE’s booking plans. If the matchup between Punk and McIntyre doesn’t happen as originally intended, what other potential feuds or storylines would you like to see for both of these talented wrestlers upon their respective returns and contract situations?

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