The WWE universe has been eagerly awaiting the return of Brock Lesnar since his last bout against Cody Rhodes at WWE SummerSlam, where he unfortunately suffered a defeat. However, Lesnar has remained conspicuously absent from WWE television in the aftermath of that match.

Speculation had been rife that the enigmatic “Beast Incarnate” might make an unexpected appearance at the Royal Rumble. Nevertheless, as the event unfolded in St. Petersburg, Lesnar’s absence became increasingly apparent, quashing the hopes of many fans. Reports had circulated before the match that Lesnar would not be present at the event.

One prevailing theory behind Lesnar’s absence is his purported connection to sex trafficking lawsuit involving WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. This scandalous association may have deterred Lesnar from making any appearances within the WWE landscape. It was also reported that Bron Breakker was tapped to step into Lesnar’s shoes for the match.

According to inside information relayed by John Pollock of Post Wrestling, the original plan had been for Lesnar to engage in a program with Dominik Mysterio at the 2024 Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event. However, given the uncertainty surrounding Lesnar’s availability, questions linger about whether Bron Breakker might also replace him in this storyline with Dominik.


Providing further insight into the situation, Dave Meltzer shared his perspective during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer suggested that Brock Lesnar’s prolonged absence from WWE might be more substantial than initially anticipated. He noted that while it’s rare to say “forever” in the world of professional wrestling, especially for a draw like Lesnar, it remains uncertain when or if Lesnar will make his return to the squared circle.

“It appears that Brock Lesnar is not going to be around for a while. Some poeple think ever. When it comes to talent, I hate to say forever because most of the time it’s not the case, especially if somebody can draw, they seem to find a way back.”

Time will tell if the WWE universe will witness the “Beast Incarnate” once more in the future. Keep checking back at Ringside News as more information becomes available on Brock Lesnar’s future with WWE.

The uncertainty surrounding Brock Lesnar’s WWE future is certainly intriguing. If Lesnar’s absence continues, how do you think it will impact the WWE landscape, particularly in terms of potential storylines, championship pursuits, and the overall roster dynamic? Let us know in the comments.

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