Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are a well-known couple within WWE. Although they have rarely worked together on screen, Belair and Ford have a dream couple behind the scenes.

It was revealed last year that Bianca Belair and Montez Ford will have their own documentary titled “Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez” which focuses on their lives in and out of the ring. The announcement got a lot of fans excited.

After months of waiting, the premiere for the documentary was recently held and the documentary will make its debut on February 2nd. PWInsider has released details about all eight episodes of the show with the plot description for each one.

Episode one kicks off with the Road to WrestleMania and Belair is getting ready to defend her Women’s Championship while Ford is hoping to return from injury.


“EPISIODE ONE: Beginning their “Road to Wrestlemania,” Bianca defends her championship at The Royal Rumble while Montez hopes for a show-stopping performance after returning from an injury; Bianca gets pressure to start a family.”

Episode two gets a little more personal as the couple looks at other options for Belair to conceive a baby.

“EPISODE TWO: After Bianca sends mixed messages about wanting to have a baby, she and Montez begin to look at their options; Montez takes a big risk at Monday Night Raw in hopes of raising his profile.”

Episode three will take a look at Belair’s struggles as a fitness competitor as well as Ford’s conflict over whether he should become a singles competitor.

“EPISODE THREE: While training for a fitness competition, Bianca struggles with some old demons; Montez is conflicted over the idea of performing as a singles competitor and leaving Dawkins behind; Bianca’s parents visit and worry that she is taking on too much.”

In episode four, Belair offers to make her husband’s in-ring gear but things get dramatic as her hectic schedule gets in the way.

“EPISODE FOUR: Bianca offers to make Montez’s in-ring gear for the Elimination Chamber, the biggest opportunity of his career, but tensions run high when her hectic schedule gets in the way; Bianca finally finds out who her WrestleMania opponent is.”

Episode five gets personal again as Belair gets a perspective on what it would be like to raise children while balancing a successful career.

“EPISODE FIVE: Montez performs at the Elimination Chamber with hopes that the performance will stamp his ticket to WrestleMania; Bianca reconnects with her childhood best friends and gains a perspective on having children while maintaining a career.”

In episode six, Belair plans out her WrestleMania entrance after finding out who her opponent will be and Ford pushes Dawkins to work outside his comfort zone.

“EPISODE SIX: With her WrestleMania opponent set, Bianca plans for her entrance by traveling to Los Angeles; Montez gets good news and pushes Dawkins to work outside his comfort zone; when they are finally together, it’s time for a serious conversation.”

Episode seven provides fans with behind the scenes into their hectic life the week of WrestleMania.

“EPISODE SEVEN: Bianca and Montez arrive at WrestleMania and must juggle the hectic week-long event with pressure from their family; Montez performs at Friday Night Smackdown, the night before the biggest match of his career; Bianca starts to feel ill and stressed.”

Episode eight takes a look at each of their matches at WrestleMania following which they make a big decision about their future.

“EPISODE EIGHT: At WrestleMania, Bianca fights for a higher purpose and looks to cement her legacy while Montez attempts to stand out in a crowded match; while celebrating their five-year anniversary, Bianca and Montez make a big decision about their future.”

Based on the plot descriptions, it looks like these eight episodes are going to be filled with drama and excitement while giving fans a sneak peek into the life of a WWE Superstar.

What are your thoughts on Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez? Are you going to watch it when it debuts? Sound off in the comments section.

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