Randy Orton made his return at Survivor Series back in November last year and in the months since then, fans couldn’t be happier about his current status. He also had a moment with Eladio Carrión on SmackDown and now Orton made it clear he wants to team up with the singer.

In case you didn’t know, Randy Orton appeared in Latin Grammy Award winner Eladio Carrión’s music video ‘RKO.’ That’s not all, the singer also did Randy Orton’s introduction on SmackDown this week.

In a SmackDown Exclusive, Randy Orton shared his experience of being featured in Carrión’s music video. Reflecting on the unique opportunity, Orton mentioned that he had seen other wrestlers in similar roles, like Booker T with Bad Bunny.

I was in your music video, man. There’s not a things that I’ve never at least done once. Being in a rapper’s music video was one of the things. I always saw some of the guys, they had a spot like Booker T was with Bad Bunny. Cena, they’ll drop his name every once in a while.”


This dude comes out with a song named ‘RKO’, and then he wants me in the music video? [He clasps hands with Eladio] This is my dog. That’s how we met. We shot that . Man, I was in my gear, it was like 40 degrees, my nipples were hard, I was just shivering, I had goosebumps. But it was great, it was worth it, and I love the finished product, man. It was awesome.”

In a lighthearted exchange, Cathy Kelley playfully suggested to Carrión that he should step into the ring, to which he humorously replied about needing a name first. Randy Orton assured him that his name was already impressive and proposed working on a signature move together.

Orton then floated the idea of teaming up and facing Logan and Jake Paul at WrestleMania. Carrión was open to the suggestion, and Orton expressed genuine interest, stating he was dead serious about the proposition.

Randy Orton: ”You got a pretty badass name. Don’t touch the name. We’ll work on the move. What do you think, you and me versus like Logan and Jake Paul at WrestleMania or some shit like that? You know what I mean?”

Eladio Carrión: ”We could do that. We could run that any day.”

Randy Orton: ”I ain’t playing for the camera. I’m dead-ass serious.”

Randy Orton also mentioned that he would train Carrión for a potential match. However, there’s no confirmation a match will ever happen. Nonetheless, fans are certainly intrigued by the prospect of Orton and Carrión teaming up in the future.

What do you think of this story concerning Randy Orton? Do you want to see him team up with Eladio Carrión? Let us know in the comments section below!

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