Nia Jax was a force to be reckoned with during her initial WWE days. The pro-wrestler gave electrifying performances whenever she took the stage. After being released back in 2021, Nia came back to WWE couple of months ago and has been a mainstay of the women’s division since then. However, despite her in-ring prowess it was her “hole” which made her name trend unlike anything else.

If you remember, during the February 8th, 2021 episode of Monday Night Raw, Nia Jax squared off against C.J. Perry, then known as Lana, in a singles match. In a moment that stuck with fans, Jax took a tumble onto the ring apron and exclaimed, ‘My hole.’ This funny incident created a social media frenzy as fans poked fun at her and created a viral sensation.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Nia Jax reflected upon the incident. She stated that in that moment she didn’t mean to go viral with her “hole” comment and the whole incident took her by surprise. However, she did take the incident lightly as she reiterated that it was a “joke” that she was playing.

“When I walked back after the match, everybody was laughing. I was like, ‘okay,’ Then everybody was like, you’re trending on the internet right now. Like, number one of my hole, and I was like, ‘There’s no way.’ It was a joke that I was playing. It was COVID times, it was just a different era.”


“But yeah, that took on a whole other level. It was incredible. The funny thing is I didn’t realize that the cameras were gonna pick it up that loud. I say a lot of things in the ring that don’t get picked up. I’m cussing up a storm, and now it was, like, clear as day. And I’m like [what]. My mom’s proud. My mom’s so proud of me.”

Jax previously discussed this story while talking to K&S Wrestlefest. She told the outlet that contrary to the widespread assumption that it was a spontaneous moment her reaction was actually for an audience of two, as she actually was trying to make Vince McMahon and Triple H laugh with her “hole” comment.

“So it was more of a joke to pop Hunter and Vince (McMahon) in Gorilla. It was literally more to make them laugh. So when I did it, that was the intention and then when I got backstage and saw that everybody was texting me about ‘my hole’ trending, that’s not what my intention was,”

If you missed the viral moment from Jax on television, you can watch the clip below. Stay tuned to RingsideNews for the latest updates.

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