Vince McMahon found himself thrust into the midst of a shocking scandal, as it came to light that he had secretly paid a staggering $3 million in hush-money. This revelation marked a turning point, ultimately leading to McMahon’s retirement from the company he had been instrumental in building. However, McMahon’s legal troubles did not stop there, as he now faces even more disturbing allegations related to leaked text messages.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, a woman who had previously reached a settlement with Vince McMahon has recently filed a lawsuit that centers around the contents of these text messages. This lawsuit not only implicates McMahon but also targets the company itself and a former executive, all accused of involvement in a scandalous exchange of messages. The plaintiff, Janel Grant, a former employee at WWE’s headquarters, alleges that the leaked texts reveal a deeply troubling pattern of behavior during McMahon’s tenure as chief executive.

According to Grant, the text messages lay bare McMahon’s explicit and coercive language, as he pressured her into engaging in intimate activities with other men, including a Physical Therapist named Laurinaitis. These shocking messages, she contends, paint a disturbing picture of her experiences under McMahon’s leadership.

Grant’s legal battle takes a unique turn as she seeks to use these leaked text messages as evidence to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement she signed back in 2022. Furthermore, she is pursuing unspecified financial damages, claiming that McMahon ceased making payments as previously agreed upon.


Vince McMahon now finds himself entangled in a legal quagmire that revolves around the leaked text messages that have exposed his alleged misconduct. These messages have become a central piece of evidence in a lawsuit that threatens to further tarnish his reputation and legal standing.

Back on February 5, 2021, McMahon directed Ms. Grant to arrange a schedule for other men, including Physical Therapist and Laurinaitis, to engage in intimate activities with her, a request that Ms. Grant tried to resist, as you can see from the screen shot below.

Around March 6, 2021, a second threesome involving McMahon, Laurinaitis, and Ms. Grant took place. McMahon consistently pressured Ms. Grant to engage in sexual activities with him and her new boss Laurinaitis, both inside and outside the office.

In a message on March 22, 2021, McMahon wrote: ‘Do U promise to make me proud Baby? Will U show him what a Porno Star U can B. Will U Show Off for me like never before ????’ and ‘On days when he’s in town, I want him to f**k U every morning and later In the office too.’

On May 24, 2021, McMahon reminded Ms. Grant via message that a mistake could jeopardize her career, advising her to prioritize verbal communication over written whenever feasible:

Re ur last picture. U need Ur panties ripped off and 3 BIG BLACK D**** in ALL 3 holes at the same time!!! Way up ur p***** and Way up Ur ass as far as they will go but even farther. And the thickest c*** goes down Ur throat so it makes U gag and convulse as those big black c**** pound away it feels like from the start Ur being assaulted but its made U c** nonstop. Just one continuous constant orgasm and just before U pass out those big black d**** squirt their loads of c** inside U ! As U lay on ur stomach the c** is coming out of all Ur holes, i’ll turn U over and j*** off all over U”

Vince McMahon’s spokesperson also released statement following the allegations, where they denied the claims against him. Further details about John Laurinaitis’ involvement in the lawsuit were also disclosed recently. It remains to be seen what will become of the aforementioned names in the lawsuit.

What do you think of these texts sent by Vince McMahon? Are you disgusted by him now? Sound off in the comments section below!

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