WWE veteran Shelton Benjamin had experienced a career resurgence during his time as a member of the popular faction, The Hurt Business. Benjamin recently revealed some details during that tenure that related to all superstars in the stable being of the same race.

Appearing on the latest edition of The Kurt Angle Show, Shelton spoke about the stint as a faction member. He stated that The Hurt Business had grown and got great reactions from the fans due to their comradery and presentation and did not overemphasize the fact that every member represented a particular race.

The rise of the Hurt Business, at that time in my career when I was extremely frustrated. It came in as a breath of fresh air sorry. The fact that it was getting over despite not having a crowd. The reactions from all fans. Obviously, there were a lot of early comparisons of us to the APA and we were like, we made it a point, we’re never going to mention our race. We shouldn’t have to. You can look at us and see what we are. That’s not what matters here. We are a kick-ass professional team. We look good, we dress good, we get the job done. Yeah, we’re Black, but we don’t need to tell you that. I think, because of that, we didn’t alienate any fans by trying to create a race card with it. The only thing that mattered to the Hurt Business was green. Of course, representation accounts for a lot, and for our Black fans and people of color, we were getting so much extra love because of how we were representing ourselves. We didn’t sing or dance, we weren’t comical. We took that very seriously and we all take a lot of pride in being able to represent people of color in such a positive light.”

Furthermore, he even mentioned a conversation he had with WWE Hall of Famer, the late great Eddie Guerrero regarding a similar subject, while also speaking about the faction disbanding early.


“Also, doing it without having to beat people over the head without race. It doesn’t matter. I had spoken to Eddie Guerrero, years ago, because even back then, there were some racial things that I didn’t know how to navigate. He said to me, ‘You’re not a Black Superstar, you’re a Superstar who just happens to be Black. Approach it from that aspect.’ That being said, we still recognize we have a certain effect on our community. We had fun with it. It ended way too soon and then the reunion teases and all that stuff. Every week, we were like, ‘Why?’ No one could tell us why. The boss made the decision. Why? No one, to this day, has been able to explain to us. It was definitely a vehicle for Bobby, and I take great pride in being part of that. Breaking it up, I still think that was the easiest layup in pro wrestling. They just wouldn’t take the shot.”

The stable consisted of Bobby Lashley, MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin himself. They had a spectacular run as a unit in 2020 with Lashley as the WWE Champion and the team of Benjamin and Alexander as the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.

With faction still mentioned in conversations, having popularity, and even teased reuniting on many occasions, it could interesting to see a possible reunion in the future.

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