Ronda Rousey made an impressive mark with her stint in the wrestling world, working for WWE. However, that association ended last summer and Rousey appeared in Ring of Honor to make few appearances, with the reason for her jump now being unveiled.

Ronda’s longtime partner and MMA cohort Shyana Baszler recently stated that the Baddest Woman on the Planet came to ROH to work alongside her good friend, Marina Shafir.

Baszler mentioned that despite what people think about her, Ronda Rousey is a true friend and she proved her loyalty by her ROH appearances for Shafir. She spoke about the same during conversation with Denise Salcedo at the media event.

“One thing, love or hate Ronda, as a person who knows her probably more than anyone, besides her husband, one thing she is, she is very loyal to her friends. She will do anything for them, and we started this pro wrestling journey together, all four of us, and so I know she wants to take some time off, she doesn’t know if she’s gonna wrestle again.


“Before all that is completely door shut, I know she wanted to just have a match with Marina. As far as where that happened and how it took place, it wasn’t the where. It was just the match with Marina. Being that Marina’s been very successful on her own, it had to take place on only these venues, but that was really what it was about. I don’t think Ronda too much cares about whether it’s indie or not indie or what show. She just wanted to have a match with her friends. So that’s what that was. That was Ronda being the friend she is.”

Ronda Rousey was positioned as one of the marquee attractions for WWE’s women’s division. She held multiple titles and even was among the first women to headline WrestleMania in 2019.

She returned to the company in 2022 for a brief stint that ended following WWE SummerSlam 2023, where she lost in grueling physical bout against Shayna Baszler. While she has made a few wrestling appearances since then, the former WWE Women’s champion has decided to dedicate her time to raising her child full-time.

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