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AEW Dynamite Lineup (1/24/2024):

  • The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn vs. Mogul Embassy – AEW World Trios Championship Match
  • Wardlow vs. Trent Beretta
  • Minoru Suzuki vs. Adam Copeland
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Swerve Strickland
  • Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Hangman Page
  • Toni Storm & Deonna Purrazzo to face-to-face interview
  • Sting & Darby Allin to speak

AEW Dynamite Results (1/24/2024):

The Dynamite opening was broadcast, followed by Excalibur joining Taz and Tony Schiavone on commentary. Justin Roberts assumed his role as the ring announcer, and AEW World Champion Samoa Joe made his entrance, looking sharp in a suit.

Samoa Joe emphasized the importance of earning opportunities during his speech. He mentioned that anyone who qualifies to face him will face a relentless beatdown, similar to what he inflicted on Hook in the previous week.


Hook, dressed in regular clothing, made his way to the ring, holding a microphone. He acknowledged Joe’s victory last week and extended a handshake as a gesture of respect, which Joe reciprocated. In a hushed tone, Hook told Joe that their paths would cross again, even though he couldn’t specify when or where.

However, Joe made it clear that Hook would have to wait his turn. He called for security to remove Hook from the ring, and three security guards entered, only to be swiftly dispatched by Hook. As his entrance music played, Hook made a confident exit from the scene.

During the show’s lineup rundown by Excalibur, Samoa Joe interjected, expressing his curiosity about Hook’s attitude. Excalibur briefly addressed Joe’s question before continuing with the rest of the lineup, outlining the upcoming matches and segments.

Joe, seated at the broadcast table, explained that he was there to assess his potential competition. He couldn’t help but wonder who had raised Hook with such aggression. Taz chimed in, acknowledging Joe’s victory in their previous encounter.

With that settled, the entrances for the opening match began.

Hangman Page vs. Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abrahantes

The wrestlers began their match with a handshake before engaging in a lock-up. Hangman Page took an early advantage and then briefly exchanged stares with Samoa Joe, who commented that Page seemed to be doing nothing more than staring. Both Page and Penta found themselves down in the ring as the action unfolded just before an early commercial break.

During the picture-in-picture segment, Penta executed a Death Valley Driver-style move, nearly securing a pinfall. Penta attempted to manipulate Page’s arm, but Page powered out and delivered a sit-out powerbomb for a close near fall. The two competitors continued to battle on the apron, countering each other’s moves.

Penta eventually returned to the ring and thwarted Page’s Buckshot Lariat attempt. Penta then used his “Made in Japan” maneuver for yet another near fall. Samoa Joe appeared surprised by Penta’s near fall. Back on the apron, Page executed the Deadeye on Penta.

Page climbed to the top rope and performed a moonsault onto Penta outside the ring. He then rolled Penta back into the ring. Penta narrowly avoided a Buckshot Lariat but was ultimately put down by Page’s clothesline, followed by a successful Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Hangman Page exchanged words with Samoa Joe before making his way backstage.

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy had a backstage interview with Renee Paquette. During the interview, Cassidy addressed Roderick Strong’s challenge for a title match at AEW Revolution. Cassidy mentioned that he was ready to face Strong last week but decided to save it for the pay-per-view event. He expressed his commitment to keep wrestling.

Additionally, Cassidy informed Paquette that he had requested Tony Khan to organize a match on Rampage featuring some of his friends and foes. The winner of that match would earn a title shot against him on the Collision episode. Cassidy then excused himself, mentioning that Trent Beretta was about to face Wardlow. Cassidy playfully asked Paquette if she had seen Wardlow, to which she humorously described him as “a lot of meat.”

Backstage, “The Young Bucks,” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson, were seen walking as a man handed them show format sheets. They expressed their anticipation, with one of them exclaiming, “banger alert.” Alex Marvez approached them for a comment, but Nick requested more respect by addressing them with their passport names, Nicholas and Matthew Jackson. Matt asserted that they were the remaining Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) and credited themselves with boosting backstage morale, even taking credit for resolving the catering issue.

Shortly after, “Top Flight,” Dante Martin and Darius Martin, crossed paths with the Jacksons, who accused them of being late. Darius countered by stating that they had arrived at the expected time. Matt asked for their credentials, and Nick issued a warning about potential fines for tardiness in the future. The broadcast team observed that the Jacksons had just arrived at the building.

Wardlow vs. Trent Barretta

Both wrestlers’ entrances were broadcasted, and Adam Cole was still reliant on crutches to make his way to ringside. Excalibur then made an announcement that Kip Sabian, Komander, The Butcher, and El Hijo del Viking would participate in a four-way match on Rampage. The winner of this match would earn a shot at Orange Cassidy’s title on the Collision episode.

Meanwhile, Wardlow had Trent Beretta down at ringside as the action continued, leading into a commercial break.

Upon returning from the break, Beretta showed some signs of a comeback, attempting a diving crossbody. However, Wardlow caught him and countered it into a powerslam. Wardlow then placed Beretta on the turnbuckles and executed an elevated powerbomb to secure the victory via pinfall with a Last Ride.

Post-match, members of the Undisputed Kingdom interfered and called Wardlow off, while Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, and Rocky Romero checked on Trent.

A video package aired for the upcoming match between Adam Copeland and Minoru Suzuki.

Renee Paquette hosted a sitdown segment on the stage between Deonna Purrazzo and Toni Storm. Storm, still appearing in black and white, spoke first and criticized Purrazzo for body-shaming her. She also questioned Purrazzo’s motives for using their past friendship to try and secure a title shot. Storm made it clear that if Purrazzo stepped into the ring with her, she would twist her lips so hard she’d never eat another donut.

Purrazzo stated that she came to win the world title, not to make friends. She expressed a desire to face the old Toni Storm, who was once the best in the world. She urged Storm to find that version of herself, pointing out her ankle as a reminder. The camera revealed their matching tattoos, and Purrazzo held up her title.

Storm retorted by telling Purrazzo to shove her tattoo where the sun doesn’t shine and was subsequently attacked by Purrazzo. Mariah May came to Storm’s rescue, and the heels retreated. Purrazzo grabbed the title and held it high as the segment concluded.

After the commercial break, Jon Moxley addressed the Blackpool Combat Club and their mentality. He mentioned that they may win frequently but don’t engage in self-congratulation because there’s always a more significant threat and a more substantial challenge to face. According to Moxley, this mindset is what it takes to be the best.

Moxley went on to state that in 2024, he would brutally injure anyone who couldn’t align themselves with this mindset. He expressed a willingness to go to extreme lengths, even cutting his arm and leaving it in the ring if necessary, every single time.

In a separate segment, Taya Valkyrie and Johnny TV delivered a promo while wearing striking yellow fur coats. Taya addressed Deonna Purrazzo and informed her that she couldn’t simply cut in line. As a result, Taya challenged Purrazzo to a match for the following week.

Jeff Hardy vs. Swerve Strickland

Swerve was eager to finish the match early, but Hardy managed to kick out of every pinning attempt. There was a brief exchange, with Hardy attempting a schoolboy pin and using the trunks for leverage, but Strickland still kicked out. Strickland sidestepped a Stinger Splash and executed a backbreaker. However, Matt Hardy intervened when Strickland attempted the “Ode to Jim Breaks.”

The action spilled to the floor, where Strickland executed a hanging neckbreaker off the apron, and the match went to a commercial break.

After returning from the commercial break, Strickland was in control, delivering mounted punches to Hardy in the corner. Jeff Hardy managed to knock Strickland down, and then both men were down after Jeff’s “Whisper in the Wind” move. Matt Hardy got fired up and took Swerve down once more. He attempted a Swanton Bomb, but Swerve managed to evade it.

Strickland countered with a move called “House Call” and went for the cover, but Hardy kicked out. Shane, confident in his abilities, tried for a “Twist of Fate,” but Hardy reversed it into a backslide pin. Despite these efforts, Shane couldn’t secure the victory.

There was a sequence of jawbreakers from Jeff Hardy, a reverse STO from Swerve, and a vertical suplex. Finally, Strickland climbed to the top rope and executed the Swerve Stomp, pinning Matt Hardy for the win.

With the victory secured, the match went to another break.

After the commercial break, Renee Paquette conducted an interview with “Hangman” Adam Page.

Before Hangman could speak, Shane Strickland approached and bragged about his victory over Jeff Hardy, emphasizing his undefeated record in 2024. Hangman responded by warning Shane that someone would soon knock him down the rankings before he even had a chance to contend for a title match. Renee then informed them that they would have the opportunity to select each other’s matches for the following week.

Red Velvet vs. Thunder Rosa

The match between Thunder Rosa and Velvet Red kicked off with both women immediately engaging in a fierce battle. Rosa gained an early advantage by sending Red into the ropes, almost causing her to fall to the outside. However, Velvet surprised Rosa by catching her off guard, dropping her onto the apron and shifting the momentum in her favor as the action continued during a picture-in-picture commercial break.

During this time, Velvet maintained control, wearing down Rosa and preventing her from making a comeback. She attempted an armbar, which Rosa reversed into a nearfall, but Velvet quickly refocused on Rosa’s arm. Thunder Rosa eventually broke free and executed a powerbomb for a nearfall. Both competitors got back to their feet and exchanged strikes as the broadcast returned from the break.

Rosa sent Velvet into the corner for a double knee strike, followed by a dropkick to Velvet when she was caught in the ropes, and a Northern Lights suplex for another nearfall. Velvet fought back, delivering a series of punches to wear down Rosa before transitioning into a double stomp on her midsection.

As Rosa found herself on the ropes, Velvet blindsided her and attempted a bulldog off the ropes, but Thunder Rosa managed to fight her way out of it. Velvet escaped once more, but Rosa responded with a shotgun dropkick. She then set up a package powerbomb, securing the pinfall victory.

The winner of the match, via pinfall, was Thunder Rosa.

The show continued with a rundown of the upcoming matches for both Rampage and Collision. Following that, the focus shifted to the details of the upcoming event titled “Dealer’s Choice” scheduled for the following week. During this event, “Hangman” Adam Page and Swerve Strickland will have the opportunity to select each other’s opponents.

Back at ringside, Darby Allin and Sting made their way to the ring to address the audience. Darby shared how he had met with Sting and convinced him to come back to wrestling so that Darby could retire on his own terms. He mentioned that the rankings were back in AEW and reminded Sting that he still had what it takes to compete at a high level.

The crowd enthusiastically chanted in agreement with Darby as he asked if Sting wanted to end his career as the AEW Tag Team Champions. Darby then handed the microphone over to Sting, who affirmed his commitment to the cause, stating that he was “all in.” The two wrestlers embraced, and it became clear that Sting and Darby were setting their sights on pursuing the AEW Tag Team Titles.

With this exciting development, the show went to a commercial break.

Backstage, the AEW World Tag Team Champions expressed their gratitude to Darby and Sting for finally acknowledging them by name. They accepted the challenge put forth by Darby Allin and Sting. Ricky Starks issued a warning to Sting, stating that he wouldn’t make it to Revolution, and advised the Icon to lay down so that they could walk all over him.

Returning to the ringside area, the Mogul Embassy made their way to the ring for the next match. However, Bullet Club Gold entered next, and following them were the AEW World Trios Champions, who had a rap prepared for the occasion. The teams of The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn also made their entrances, and the match got underway.

AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) and Billy Gunn vs. Mogul Embassy

The action in the match kicked off with Caster and Cage in the ring. Cage initially gained the upper hand, sending Max Caster into the corner. However, Caster quickly turned the tables with a rapid offense, catching Cage off guard. Bowens tagged in, maintaining the offensive assault and keeping “The Machine” Brian Cage at bay.

Cage managed to send Bowens into the corner and then tagged in Toa Henare, who continued to inflict damage on Bowens. Kaun also tagged himself in, and the carousel of tags continued as Cage re-entered the match. Bowens, however, started to fight back against the onslaught from the opposing team.

In the midst of the chaos, Kaun and Caster attempted to interfere, but Bowens managed to strike back. Unfortunately, Liona, presumably a member of one of the teams, got involved and sent Bowens to the outside of the ring. This led to the action going into a picture-in-picture commercial break.

During the picture-in-picture segment, the challengers continued to wear down Bowens, using frequent tags to stay fresh and maintain their advantage. The damage kept piling onto the champion, and this continued until the broadcast returned from the break.

Bowens managed to fight off Brian Cage, who tagged out to Toa Henare. Kaun tried to intervene, but Bowens seized the opportunity to tag in Billy Gunn. Gunn nearly cleared the ring of opponents until Liona intervened and took him down. Bowens re-entered the match, attempting to regain control, but the Mogul Embassy fought back.

As the match progressed, Kaun tagged in and got a nearfall on Gunn. Nana slid a chair into the ring, distracting the referee, as Kaun looked to strike Gunn with the chair. However, Jay White managed to swipe the chair away from Kaun. This gave Billy Gunn the opening he needed, and he dropped Kaun. Gunn’s sons then took down Nana, sending him crashing through a table at ringside.

Amidst the chaos inside the ring, The Acclaimed managed to execute their finishing moves. They dropped Kaun with “The Arrival” and followed it up with “Scissor Me Timbers.” This combination of moves created the opening for Billy Gunn to make the pin for the victory.

As a result, The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn retained their AEW World Trios Championships, securing the win in the midst of the frenzied contest.

A video package aired, highlighting Serena Deeb’s eagerly anticipated return to the wrestling ring. This comeback marked her first in-ring appearance since March 2022, and fans could look forward to seeing her compete on Saturday night’s Collision.

Returning to ringside, Adam Copeland made his entrance to the ring, preparing for the main event, which was announced as being commercial-free. Following Copeland, Minoru Suzuki entered the arena, and the highly anticipated main event match began.

Minoru Suzuki vs. Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland and Minoru Suzuki engaged in a brutal exchange of strikes, with neither man giving an inch. Suzuki managed to take Copeland down, but Adam quickly got back to his feet. Suzuki sent Copeland to the ropes and laid him out again, looking for his signature Gotch-style piledriver. However, Copeland fought back, sending Suzuki up and over with a back body drop. The action then headed to the ropes as Copeland had to struggle out of a hold, but he ended up caught in a guillotine by Suzuki.

Both competitors ended up on the outside of the ring with Minoru maintaining the tight hold, but Copeland broke free by slamming Suzuki through a barricade. Both men slowly made their way to their feet as the referee began the count. They duked it out until the count reached nine, and both wrestlers managed to slide back into the ring. They stared each other down while on their knees, exchanging strikes as they got back to their feet. They eventually delivered a powerful palm strike simultaneously, sending them both down to the canvas.

The referee began a standing count, and Suzuki got to his feet first, closely followed by Copeland. Minoru struck Copeland with a couple of hard elbows and some open-handed strikes for good measure. Suzuki then tried to wring Copeland’s arm, but Adam reversed it into an Impaler DDT, sending Suzuki crashing into the canvas.

Copeland crawled to the corner, looking ready to execute a spear, but Suzuki caught him with an armbar. He had Copeland trapped, but Adam managed to reach the bottom rope to break the hold. Suzuki then attempted a rear naked choke, but Copeland fought out and hit Minoru with a spear. Copeland went for the cover, but Suzuki kicked out, sitting up afterward. He then locked in the rear naked choke on Copeland, intensifying the submission hold.

As both Adam Copeland and Minoru Suzuki crawled back towards the ring, they continued to trade elbows while referee Bryce Remsburg counted. Remarkably, they both managed to get back into the ring just before the count of nine. Trading forearms while on their knees and eventually rising to their feet, they both collapsed simultaneously.

Adam Copeland attempted an armbar, but Suzuki countered it, trying to lock in the Fujiwara Armbar. Suzuki was wrenching back hard, and Copeland was in agony, but he managed to reach the ropes, forcing the break. However, Suzuki immediately grabbed Copeland into a bodyscissors sleeper hold. Copeland powered up, lifting Suzuki while posting to his feet, and Bryce Remsburg lifted Copeland’s arm to check for signs of life. Copeland powered through the hold.

In a final effort, Copeland threw Minoru Suzuki into an exposed turnbuckle and connected with the Killswitch. The move led to the pinfall victory for Adam Copeland.

After the match, Copeland grabbed a microphone and expressed his respect for Suzuki, offering him a handshake. However, Suzuki responded with a growl and walked off, declining the handshake. Adam shrugged it off and seemed unbothered by the rejection, stating that he would still come after Christian Cage.

With that, the show concluded.

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