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WWE NXT (1/23/2024) Lineup:

  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Final: Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin vs. Axiom & Nathan Frazer
  • NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez sign the contract for their match at NXT Vengeance Day
  • Lexis King vs. Trey Bearhill
  • Blair Davenport vs. Karmen Petrovic
  • Dijak vs. Joe Gacy
  • Lola Vice on Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions
  • Lash Legend vs. Wren Sinclair

WWE NXT (1/23/2024) Results:

Vic Joseph and Booker T are the commentators for your event.

Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin vs Axiom and Nathan Frazer in a Semifinal Match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Axiom and Frazer launch a surprise assault on Corbin and Bron just before the match commences. They execute several coordinated double team maneuvers and deliver a powerful kick to Baron. Axiom applies a wrist lock and follows it up with a head scissors takedown. Axiom and Frazer then send Baron and Bron tumbling to the arena floor with a well-executed dropkick. Taking the fight outside the ring, Axiom and Frazer perform daring suicide dives, targeting Bron and Baron.


Bron attempts to launch Axiom into the ring steps, but Axiom manages to vault over them. Meanwhile, Frazer forcefully introduces Bron to the ring steps. Axiom swiftly employs a head scissors takedown on Baron, and together, they execute a dropkick that sends Baron crashing into the ringside barrier.

As the official match gets underway, Axiom seizes the moment, delivering a punishing kick followed by a missile dropkick to Baron, nearly securing a pinfall. Axiom then applies a wrist lock, and Frazer tags in, connecting with a forearm strike and continuing to focus on Baron’s arm. Axiom re-enters the fray, descending from the turnbuckles with a double sledge. Frazer tags back in and delivers a slingshot forearm to Baron’s arm, maintaining his arm bar.

Baron attempts to back Frazer into the corner but misses a clothesline. Frazer counters with a forearm strike and keeps the pressure on Baron’s arm with the arm bar. Baron sends Frazer into the turnbuckles but fails to connect with a forearm in the corner. Frazer retaliates with punches, but Baron counters with a boot to the head. Baron proceeds to unleash a series of kicks and punches on Frazer before tagging in Bron.

Baron’s attempted clothesline is evaded by Axiom, who lands a well-placed kick. Frazer follows up with an enzuigiri to Bron. However, Bron blocks a head scissors attempt off the apron and brutally powerbombs Axiom onto the announce table. As Frazer leaps from the turnbuckles, Bron catches him with a thunderous power slam. Bron then pummels Frazer with punches, while Baron does the same to Axiom on the announce table, creating a chaotic and intense scene.

Bron unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks, keeping Frazer cornered. Baron tags in and adds some punishing kicks to Frazer in the corner. Baron proceeds to choke Frazer in the ropes, attempting to distract the referee, but the official remains focused on the action. Baron tags back in and delivers a series of punches to Frazer’s midsection. Bron executes a suplex and nearly secures a pinfall, displaying his strength. Bron taunts by doing some push-ups and continues his assault with shoulders in the corner. Baron follows up with a corner splash.

Frazer manages to land on his feet when Baron pulls him up, allowing him to counter with a series of kicks before tagging in Axiom. Axiom enters the ring with a flurry of strikes and a well-executed dropkick. He kicks Bron off the apron and attempts a suicide dive, but Baron intervenes with a forearm to halt Axiom’s momentum. Bron tags in and delivers more shoulder thrusts in the corner. He locks Axiom in a side headlock and follows it up with a clothesline. Bron lowers his shoulder straps, signaling his increasing intensity.

Axiom fights back with punches and attempts a suplex, but Bron counters with a powerful slam for another near fall. Baron tags back in, unleashing kicks and a forearm to send Axiom back to the mat. Axiom responds with forearms and chops, but Baron retaliates with a Saito suplex, earning a near fall. Bron tags in and executes a release belly-to-back suplex for another near fall. Axiom manages to kick Baron and evade Bron, tagging in Frazer. Frazer charges in with a running forearm and follows it up with a chop in the corner.

Bron attempts an Irish whip, but Frazer counters by floating over and leapfrogging Bron’s spear attempt. Baron ends up going over the top rope when Frazer drops down. Frazer takes advantage by climbing to the top rope and hitting a crossbody onto both Bron and Baron. He sends Bron back into the ring and sets up for a superkick, which connects. Frazer tags in Axiom, and both men execute frog splashes, but Bron miraculously kicks out.

Axiom applies a cross arm breaker, and Frazer locks in a rear naked choke to prevent Baron from interfering. However, Bron breaks free and executes a one-arm powerbomb onto Frazer and Baron. Baron tags back in and Axiom manages to land a kick, but Baron responds with his Deep Six move to Frazer. He follows it up with a side slam and a brainbuster to Axiom for a near fall. Bron tags in and positions Axiom on the turnbuckles. Axiom fights back with forearms, kicks, and a leap over Bron, but Bron catches him with a clothesline.

Bron attempts a bulldog from the turnbuckles, but Axiom counters with a kick. Frazer tags in, and Axiom and Frazer execute a Spanish Fly followed by a Phoenix Splash, but Baron breaks up the cover. Baron then delivers his End of Days finisher to Axiom. Frazer responds with a superkick to Baron, but Bron finishes things off with a devastating spear for the three-count.

Winners: Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin (Advance to Finals)

Ilja Dragunov is engaged in a conversation with a production assistant when Josh Briggs suddenly appears on the scene. Josh expresses his need to find out who he is as a wrestler and views Ilja as the measuring stick for his skills. He wants to gauge how he matches up against the formidable Mad Dragon.

Ilja questions Josh about whether that’s truly what he desires. Josh responds by suggesting that Ilja is making Trick do double duty to make it easier for him to retain the title.

At this moment, Trick Williams makes his presence felt and mentions that he’s here to ensure Ilja is prepared for Vengeance Day. Josh dismissively states that Trick has no right to dictate his actions and predicts that after Trick loses, he’ll return to being in Cameron Hayes’ back pocket.

Trick counters by challenging Josh to a match, and Ilja interjects, mentioning that he’ll be watching and hoping Trick can make it to Vengeance Day.

Meanwhile, in another part of the backstage area, Wren Sinclair is seen talking to herself about the opportunity she has tonight. Fallon Henley approaches Wren, who expresses her nervousness. Wren explains that NXT was once just a dream for her, but now it’s a reality, and she doesn’t want to make too many enemies.

Fallon, understanding the challenges of being the new girl, offers words of encouragement. She advises Wren to be herself and assures her that everything will be okay.

Ava is seen leaving Shawn’s office, and William Regal follows her. She expresses her gratitude to Regal for attending the meeting. Regal, in turn, offers his congratulations to Ava for becoming the youngest General Manager in NXT history. He emphasizes the importance of taking good care of the brand, mentioning the long hours and the often thankless nature of the job. Regal acknowledges the tough decisions that Ava will have to make and expresses confidence in her abilities. He reassures Ava that if she ever needs assistance or guidance, his phone is always on and he’s ready to help.

Wren Sinclair vs. Lash Legend (with Jakara Jackson, Noam Dar, and Oro Mensah)

The match begins with a lock-up between Lash and Wren. Lash gains the upper hand and sends Wren into the corner, cornering her again and repeating the maneuver. Lash prevents a couple of arm drag attempts from Wren. Wren retaliates by applying a sleeper hold while riding Lash, but Lash manages to reach the ropes, forcing Wren to release the hold, which inadvertently sends Wren’s throat into the ropes. Lash follows this up by slamming Wren’s head into the mat and delivering forearms while she’s in the ropes.

Lash then lifts Wren into a torture rack position. Wren attempts a sunset flip, but Lash manages to stay on her feet by windmilling her arms. Lash tries to send Wren into the corner, but Wren evades, causing Lash to hit the ring post. Lash misses a follow-up boot, and Wren retaliates with an enzuigiri. Wren attempts another sunset flip, but this time Jackson holds on, and the referee observes the illegal interference.

Wren still manages to get a near fall, and as Lash and Jackson nearly collide, Wren sends Lash into Jackson. Another near fall for Wren. However, Lash gains control with a spinebuster, securing the three-count.

Winner: Lash Legend

After the match, MetaFour surrounds Wren Sinclair, but Fallon Henley makes her way to the ring to prevent a potential attack. Fallon stops Jackson on the floor, and together with Wren, they send Lash over the top rope to the floor.

Meanwhile, at a restaurant, OTM (presumably a wrestling faction) has attacked some of the employees and continues to intimidate another employee.

The broadcast also recaps the events from the previous week involving Dijak and Joe Gacy.

Back on the show, Elektra Lopez is shown seeking information about the whereabouts of Lola Vice, as she is actively searching for her.

Dijak vs. Joe Gacy

Joe Gacy launches a surprise attack on Dijak at the entrance. Gacy begins with a flurry of punches, but Dijak fights back and sends Gacy into the ringside barrier. Gacy retaliates by slamming Dijak into the ring post. Dijak responds by pushing Gacy into the ring steps and delivering a series of punches. Dijak then attempts to retrieve a chair from under the ring, but Gacy strikes him in the back with a forearm.

Gacy continues with forearms while Dijak counters with punches. Gacy swings the chair at Dijak, but Dijak moves, causing Gacy to inadvertently strike the ring bell with the chair. Dijak follows up with a cyclone kick that sends Gacy crashing through the barricade wall.

Despite the brutal encounter, Gacy crawls through the broken wall, demanding more. He sends Dijak into the ring post and lands punches. Dijak retaliates by executing a choke slam that shatters the announce table.

Security personnel rush out to intervene, but Dijak continues to showcase his dominance, highlighting the ineffectiveness of wrestling security. Gacy manages to apply a sleeper hold on Dijak, but he is eventually pulled off by security.

In the locker room, Arianna Grace delivers an emotional speech, presumably sharing words of wisdom from her mother.

Elektra Lopez seeks information about Lola’s whereabouts, while Lexis King asserts his confidence and claims that he is the only one deserving of center stage.

After a commercial break, we return to the UCF football stadium, where Von Wagner is preparing for his Heritage Cup match under the guidance of Robert Stone. Stone involves his kids in Von’s training, and he assures Von that he is ready for the Heritage Cup challenge.

Lexis KIng vs. Trey Bearhill

During the match, Lexis King initially avoids Trey’s advances and delivers a series of punishing chops to Trey. However, Trey manages to push King to the mat and responds with chops of his own. Trey hip tosses King back into the ring and follows it up with a corner splash. Trey proceeds to slam King, but his attempt at an elbow drop misses the mark.

King seizes the opportunity and unleashes a barrage of elbows and kicks on Trey. He continues with a series of kicks, but Trey blocks one and retaliates with a few chops. Trey adds a back rake and a forearm strike, attempting a choke slam. However, King gets to his feet and counters with a superkick, a thrust kick, and a running knee to Trey’s back.

King finishes off the match with his finisher, the Coronation, securing the three-count victory.

Winner: Lexis King

The broadcast then goes to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Cameron Hayes arrives, and Trick Williams confronts him, inquiring about Ilja Dragunov’s whereabouts. Hayes advises Trick to stay focused on their goals and claims that Ilja is manipulating him. Trick insists on ensuring that Ilja is at 100 percent, but Hayes argues that Ilja is already prepared for their Iron Survivor Match, as well as the Dusty Classic. Hayes reveals that Ilja sees Trick as a threat and will do whatever it takes to prevent them from winning the Dusty Cup.

Trick reminds Hayes that they have to deal with the LWO (presumably a rival faction) next week and mentions Hayes’ match against Austin Theory on Friday, while he has to face Josh tonight.

The next segment features “Super Nova Sessions” with Noam Dar and his sidekick Oro Mensah. They discuss Von Wagner’s training video, with Dar confidently asserting that there’s no way Von can defeat him. That’s why Dar has decided to give Von a Heritage Cup match.

Dar’s guest on the show is Lola Vice, and he welcomes her, praising her reaction after being eliminated. Dar asks if it was all planned.

Lola Vice responds by stating that her friendship with Elektra Lopez had an expiration date, and she describes Elektra as a leech who tried to use her star power to gain relevance. Lola explains that she eliminated Lopez to rid herself of the baggage and emphasizes that she has no regrets about her actions, even if it means people in the locker room fear her.

Elektra Lopez interrupts and confronts Lola, questioning her authenticity. Lopez accuses Lola of getting into WWE through social media and calls her the biggest phony in the WWE. Lopez challenges Lola to a one-on-one meeting next week.

Lola Vice warns Lopez about the consequences, but Lopez is impatient and attacks Lola, spearing her over the couch and delivering punches. Officials rush to the ring to separate them.

The show then transitions to Tony D’Angelo, who responds to the events at his restaurant. He warns his adversaries that they better watch their backs because he and his associates are coming for them.

Dragon Lee vs. SCRYPTS (with Bronco Nima, Lucien Price, and Jaida Parker)

Dragon Lee and SCRYPTS start by locking up, with Lee applying a wrist lock followed by a hammerlock. SCRYPTS reaches the ropes to break the hold and misses a punch, allowing Lee to execute a side headlock takedown.

Oba Femi is shown watching the match from the HBalKony.

Lee follows up with a shoulder tackle, and SCRYPTS showcases agility by using handsprings to evade punches. However, Lee counters with a dropkick and a flip dive. He sends SCRYPTS back into the ring, delivering a leg sweep and a slingshot kick in the corner. Lee then hits a hesitation dropkick in the corner for a near fall. SCRYPTS rolls to the outside, but Lee performs a handspring to the floor and punches SCRYPTS before rolling him back into the ring.

Lee continues his offense with a shoulder, but SCRYPTS kicks Lee off the apron to the floor. SCRYPTS follows with a Molly Go Round to the floor and then climbs the top rope, connecting with a crossbody for a near fall. SCRYPTS delivers forearms, but Lee fights back with punches.

SCRYPTS responds with a back heel kick and a front kick, followed by a snapmare and a dropkick to the back for another near fall. SCRYPTS punches Lee, but Lee blocks a punch and counters with running forearms and an enzuigiri. Lee executes a tornado DDT, and as Nima gets on the apron, a brawl breaks out involving Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo, and Adrianna Rizzo against Parker, Nima, and Price, causing a distraction.

Lee takes advantage of the distraction and hits Operation Dragon on a distracted SCRYPTS for the three-count victory.

Winner: Dragon Lee

After the match, Oba Femi announces his decision, stating that he will see Lee at Vengeance Day.

Edris Enofe expresses frustration about their recent struggles and the gear she has made. She tries to motivate Edris and Malik, but Brinley Reece interrupts and shares her determination to move forward after her loss in the Battle Royal.

Edris suggests that they need some luck and encourages everyone to write down five things they liked about the match and five things they didn’t like about it, before cartwheeling away.

ack from the break, Lyra Valkyria is seen in the locker room, engrossed in something on her tablet.

Tatum Paxley enters the scene and expresses her joy at teaming up with Lyra in the past. Lyra acknowledges Tatum’s uniqueness but makes it clear that their partnership last week was a one-time occurrence. She mentions having a lot on her plate and not being able to respond to all the voicemails and emails she’s received.

Tatum assures Lyra that she understands and emphasizes that it’s all about Roxanne for her. She tells Lyra that she gets it.

Lyra expresses her satisfaction with being on the same page, to which Tatum eerily responds by maniacally stating that they are indeed on the same page.

Blair Davenport vs. Karmen Petrovic

Karmen with a kick to Blair’s leg, followed by another leg kick as they engage in a lockup. Blair retaliates with forearms, and Karmen responds with a leg trip, attempting a La Magistral pin for a near fall. Karmen continues targeting Blair’s leg with kicks, but Blair counters with a knee and a double stomp to Karmen’s back from the turnbuckles.

Blair takes control with Irish whips into the corner, followed by a backbreaker for another near fall. She locks in a rear chin lock with her knee in Karmen’s back. Blair delivers a knee strike and another Irish whip, but Karmen avoids a backbreaker and rolls up Blair for a near fall. Karmen fights back with kicks to Blair’s leg and midsection, followed by forearms that bring Blair to the mat. Karmen lands a running kick into the corner but misses a spinning round kick.

Karmen escapes Blair’s attempt at a Falcon Arrow and responds with a back heel kick for a near fall. However, Karmen misses a knee strike in the corner, and Blair capitalizes with a dropkick that sends Karmen into the turnbuckles. Blair executes a Falcon Arrow followed by her finishing move, the Bea Trigger, for the three-count victory.

Winner: Blair Davenport

After the match, Kelly Kincaid interviews Ridge Holland and asks about the post-match incident.

Ridge acknowledges that he won but got his fair share of punishment. He explains that he stepped away from the Brawling Brutes to rediscover himself. When asked if he plans to take on Gallus by himself, Ridge confirms that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Ilja Dragunov then makes his entrance to watch the next match.

Trick Williams vs Josh Briggs

In the main event match between Josh Briggs and Trick Williams, they start by locking up, but Josh misses a punch on the break. Trick exchanges words with Josh before locking up again. Josh retaliates with a back elbow and a slam, followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Josh continues with elbows in the corner and has some words for Ilja Dragunov. He delivers an Irish whip, and Trick responds with kicks and punches, followed by a dropkick and a slam. Trick executes another slam, but Josh fights back with a punch and a boot to the head. Josh sets up for a choke slam and hits it for a near fall.

Trick rolls to the floor, and Ilja gets up to motivate him. Josh grabs Trick and connects with a forearm, sending Trick into the apron. Josh then sends Trick back into the ring and delivers kicks and forearms to his back. Josh executes a suplex for a near fall and follows with a reverse chin lock. Trick fights back with elbows and punches, but Josh responds with an elbow and gets another near fall. Josh applies another reverse chin lock.

Trick breaks free with elbows and punches, but Josh counters with a side slam and a splash for a near fall. Josh follows with an Irish whip, but he runs into Trick’s elbow. Both men exchange punches, and Trick lands a flying clothesline, followed by a jumping side kick and another one. Trick attempts the cyclone kick, but Josh counters with a side slam. Trick misses the cyclone kick again, and Josh hits a side slam and a splash for another near fall. Josh delivers another Irish whip but runs into Trick’s elbow. Both men end up on the floor, and Ilja motivates Trick. Trick uses the distraction to come off the turnbuckles, but Josh catches him with a choke slam. However, Trick counters with a victory roll for the three-count victory.

Winner: Trick Williams

After the match, Josh delivers a clothesline to Trick, and Ilja has to be held back while Trick and Carmelo Hayes exchange words in the ring.

Thea is seen in the back talking about Chase U and how it gave her everything. Jacy approaches her and reassures her that it’s not over.

Lexis King intervenes and suggests that Thea should align herself with a winner. He asks her what he needs to do to cheer her up.

Riley Osborne interrupts and tells Lexis to leave. Thea calls Lexis a zero and Riley a hero, hinting at a potential conversation later.

Jacy advises Thea to keep her composure because she’s a grown woman.

Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria are shown walking in the back as the show heads to commercial.

After the break, the No Quarter Catch Crew is featured in a segment where they emphasize their goals and their no-nonsense approach to wrestling. They are prepared to show no pity, no mercy, no remorse, and no quarter.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams talk backstage, and Hayes expresses concern about Ilja Dragunov’s intentions. Trick assures him that Ilja wasn’t coming after Hayes, but Hayes insists that Trick needs to wake up and understand the situation.

A six-person mixed tag match is announced as official for Vengeance Day.

A contract signing is set to take place in the ring, and Ava is the MC for the segment. She introduces the participants in the Women’s Title Match.

First out is Roxanne Perez, followed by the NXT Women’s Champion, Lyra Valkyria. Ava mentions the high expectations for Vengeance Day and proceeds to have them sign the contract.

Roxanne talks about the parallel paths they’ve been on for the past year, mentioning her title victory and Lyra’s debut. Lyra acknowledges Roxanne’s journey and mentions that she replaced her as the top woman in the division.

Roxanne advises Lyra that she will lose and face difficult questions afterward, but it’s part of the journey. Lyra asserts her confidence and mental toughness, claiming she’s always been ahead of Roxanne. Ava directs them to sign the contract, and both women do so. They stand face to face, shake hands, and the segment concludes with the contract signed.

The show ends with this contract signing for the Women’s Title Match at Vengeance Day.

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