WWE’s landscape has witnessed a shocking turn of events with the announcement of Netflix taking charge as the main broadcaster for Monday Night RAW, from January 2025. Not only that, 10-time WWE Champion The Rock has also been brought into the mix who reflected on a certain personal acquisition of his own.

After the Netflix deal was announced, The Great One was brought on board as the newest member of the Board of Directors for TKO Group. Not only that, the deal also gave him full ownership of his iconic wrestling name, which until now was owned by WWE.

The People’s Champion opened up about what it meant to acquire the complete rights of ‘The Rock’ name. He spoke about the same during an interview with CNBC.

“There’s the business side of that, as we know. There’s the economics and the Math side of that. But also, it goes much deeper than that. And this idea, the name of The Rock, for me, I owe that name everything. Without that name, there would be no wrestling career. There would be no Hollywood career.”


The Rock further added on the importance of his in-ring name which was borrowed from his legendary father and WWE Hall of Famer, Soulman Rocky Johnson.

 “But also that name was a derivative of my dad Rocky Johnson who was one of the first Black tag-team champions in WWE. A trailblazer paved the way, a man of color. For a kid like me to be embraced in a bigger way when I came along he was inspirational.”

The Rock will be a part of important strategic decisions moving forward in his role as a Board member. On the wrestling side, he is heavily rumored to battle his cousin, Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 after his recent onscreen appearances.

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