WWE 2K24 is generating a lot of excitement among gamers, and one of the most discussed aspects is the identity of the cover superstar. Recent teases have fans speculating about who it might be, and there’s a potential spoiler for the big reveal.

WWE Games created a social media buzz with parody of Cody Rhodes’ famous bucket list, which he shared after leaving WWE. In this new version of the list, it includes things to do upon his return to the company, including securing a spot as the cover superstar for a 2K game.

The list reads as follows:

  1. Return to WWE
  2. Win the Rumble
  3. Main Event WrestleMania
  4. Conquer the Beast
  5. Launch Pharaoh Merch
  6. WWE 2K24 Cover Superstar
  7. Win the Title
  8. Finish the Story

The last three items on Cody’s list are not checked off, which has led many to speculate that he might be the cover superstar for WWE 2K24.


Cody Rhodes had previously made a bucket list with several goals, and he managed to achieve many of those bullet points during his wrestling career.

Do you think this person will end up on the cover of WWE 2k? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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