WWE star Tyler Bate recently sat down for an interview with The UK Metro, shedding light on his official move to the main roster and reflecting on his tag team partnership with Pete Dunne.

Bate emphasized the timing of his transition, highlighting his lengthy tenure in wrestling and his youthful perspective.

“Because I’ve been in wrestling so long, it’s almost like sometimes I forget how young I still am.” Despite seven years of experience in the industry, Bate remains optimistic about his future, stating, “Even though I’ve been here for seven years, I still have a lot of time. It’s finally like it got to the point like people were just like, ‘Come on. Let’s get Tyler on!’ So I’d rather that then, like, I’m ‘not ready for the main roster’. It’s been like partly tactical.”

Additionally, Tyler Bate delved into his partnership with Pete Dunne, underscoring the culmination of their hard work. He acknowledged the pressure they both felt to represent British wrestling and its unique style. Transitioning this heritage to the main stage has been a significant responsibility, but Bate affirmed, “I feel like we’re both nailing it… [I was] super proud of how it went. It couldn’t have been more ideal for me.”


What are your thoughts on Tyler Bate’s perspective regarding his move to the main roster and his partnership with Pete Dunne? How do you feel about his optimism for the future and the representation of British wrestling on the main stage? Let us know in the comments.

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