Wrestling biopic ‘The Iron Claw’ was considered a remarkable piece of art in the movie industry last year. The life and legacy of the highly reputed Von Erich family delivered high expectations on the silver screen, prompting popular country singer Adele to give her view on the film.

The mainstream singing sensation took to her Twitter/X, to express her massive praise for ‘The Iron Claw.’ She called it one of the best films she has ever seen and the best movie of the past year in her view.

The film starred Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson in pivotal roles. It was released in theatres in December 2023 and received major positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The film focused on the wrestling lineage and tragedy of the Von Erich family, considered an important piece of history in the wrestling industry.

It was interesting to note that Adele credited Zac Efron for his performance as Kevin Von Erich. The High School Musical fame star underwent incredible body transformation to essay the role and displayed an excellent performance as the legendary wrestler.


As far as the box office was concerned, ‘The Iron Claw’ grossed over $30 million domestically. While many of the wrestling fan base were unaware of this rich legacy paved by the Von Erich family, this film has immortalized it for generations to come to know about it.

What are your thoughts on ‘The Iron Claw?’ Does Zac Efron’s portrayal do justice to the wrestler Kevin Von Erich? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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