Natalya has been considered as one of the seasoned veterans of the wrestling industry. Carrying on the rich Hart Family lineage proudly for nearly 15 years, she is looking better than ever and still has some dream matches in her sight.

The Queen of Harts recently name-dropped another veteran of the business as one of her dream matches. However, the interesting fact is that the 2-time WWE Women’s champion named someone who is currently not a part of WWE.

We are talking about none other than another highly regarded pioneer of the Women’s Revolution, Gail Kim. Natalya took to her Instagram story to post Gail Kim’s recent catching-up post with Nattie’s real-life husband, TJ Wilson (also known as Tyson Kidd).

The Submission Queen expressed love for two of her favorite people in the world. However, she did also mention that a match with Gail Kim was on her dream card list.


“Always love you both. My Faves And you’re a DREAM MATCH OF MINE.”

Gail Kim left WWE back in the early 2010s, citing frustrations with the company’s booking of female talent. It was right before the onset of the highly acclaimed Women’s Revolution that changed the game for some of the best female in-ring competitors in the world. Kim went on to return to TNA and has served in a personnel role, working towards the development of the promotion.

Despite two separate companies, WWE and TNA did build a working relationship in 2022 by letting then-TNA star Mickie James compete in the Royal Rumble match. So it could be interesting to see if the Forbidden Door opens once again to a blockbuster encounter between Natalya and Gail Kim.

Do you want to see this encounter go down? Will it live up to the expectations? Sound off in the comments!

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