There are quite a few professional wrestlers in WCW who eventually made their way to WWE once the company folded. This included even Ernest ”The Cat” Miller, who went to WWE for a brief run. He is also a legitimate fighter and he isn’t a fan of CM Punk’s work in the UFC, even claiming that 12-year-old kids could knock out Punk.

Ernest ”The Cat” Miller is a multi-time karate champion, who was billed as one of the most physically imposing men due to his legitimate background in karate. On the other hand, CM Punk faced challenges in MMA, losing both fights of his fights. One of his fights was later ruled a no-contest due to his opponent’s failed drug test for marijuana.

While speaking on The Spotlight with Jeremy Lambert & Stephen Jensen, Ernest Miller shared his critical views on CM Punk’s MMA career, expressing skepticism about Punk’s fighting abilities. Miller claimed that even 12-year-old kids could potentially defeat Punk in a fight.

”I can look at someone and tell whether or not they can fight. When I looked at CM Punk fight, his real fight, I got 12-year-old kids who would knock CM Punk out. Make sure you write that. I think he’s probably the worst fighter. He might be good for wrestling. I don’t understand this business anymore. I don’t understand how a guy can expose himself to be such a sorry fighter, and then the company brings him back to talk badly, like he could beat everybody.


Miller questioned the decision to bring Punk back to wrestling after what he perceived as a lackluster performance in MMA, emphasizing the contrast with past standards where wrestlers were expected to have credibility in combat sports. Miller concluded by expressing disbelief that Punk, whom he deemed a subpar fighter, could command such a prominent role in wrestling.

Back in the day, when we were wrestling, if a wrestler went in and tough a man or a karate show….I got video footage of me knocking guys out. That’s the video they used to say, ‘This guy is a legit fighter.’ I was able to do that. Could you imagine if I got my ass beat by the worst guy in the UFC. I would never be on TV again back in those days. How in the world does this guy get exposed for being a terrible fighter — there’s nothing about him that says he can fight. CM Punk, I didn’t see one thing that substantiates anything he can do in combat sports. He can’t throw hands.

He had no punching, no power. He didn’t have any movement. I don’t know what the hell he was trying to do. It didn’t look like he was trying to wrestle, but this guy is on TV making millions of dollars talking because the fans today are stupid. They want to believe what they want to believe. You can show somebody something and if they see it, now they have to determine whether they believe it. I just showed you somebody who can’t fight, but you put him in a ring and think he can beat up everybody.”

CM Punk retired from MMA after losing his second fight back in 2018 and hasn’t stepped foot inside the Octagon ever since. His MMA record will always remain a stain on his record and that is unlikely to ever change.

What do you think of what Ernest Miller had to say? Do you feel CM Punk shouldn’t have ventured into the world of MMA? Let us know in the comments section below!

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