Grayson Waller is unquestionably one of the premier heels in WWE currently, but he has to maintain himself as he is a WWE Superstar. However, Waller now revealed that he tossed a cake into a dustbin after Bobby Lashley judged him for it.

WWE catering has consistently received positive reviews from talent, and Grayson Waller was eager to indulge in dessert. That is until he spotted Bobby Lashley one fateful day.

While speaking on Boom Rookies, Grayson Waller shared an amusing encounter involving Bobby Lashley that made him reconsider indulging in cake. After a 12-day tour and anticipating a reward in the form of chocolate cake at WWE catering, Waller was about to enjoy his treat in an empty area.

However, just as he began, Bobby Lashley walked in. Feeling self-conscious due to Lashley’s imposing physique, Waller recounted the awkward moment when Lashley questioned his choice, leading him to discard the cake in the bin. Waller humorously admitted that he hasn’t ventured to the dessert section at catering since, as Lashley’s judgment lingered in his mind.


“I had been on a pretty long tour. I was doing some NIL stuff, going to different colleges, I was away for about 12 days. I finally got to SmackDown, this was my last day, and for anyone who hasn’t seen it, catering in WWE is pretty nice. There is lots of nice food, we’re obviously athletes, they had grilled chicken and everything, but they had a chocolate cake this day. It looked delicious. I was like, ‘My reward for these 12 days is I’m going to have this chocolate cake.’ I had my match and I came back to catering and no one was really around. I was like, ‘I can sneak this cake and no one will judge me.”

I put the knife into the cake and in walks Bobby Lashley. This man is a physical specimen. Huge human being, jacked to the gills. Me and Bobby hadn’t spoken much, and he walked in and looked at the cake. For like a good 15 seconds, an awkward amount of time. Then, this breaks my heart, he looked up at me and said, ‘Are you really going to have that?’ I kind of went, ‘I had a tour…’ He just walked away..”

“I threw the cake in the bin. I haven’t gone for dessert at catering since. When I looked in his eyes, it looked like judgment. It looked like full judgment.”

Grayson Waller has been teaming up with Austin Theory for the past few months, but Theory is out of action after suffering a concussion. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for Waller.

What’s your view on what Grayson Waller had to say? Do you think WWE will have something big planned for him soon? Sound off in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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