Shelton Benjamin, who was among the WWE releases in September 2023 and became a free agent in December 2023, has provided an update on his wrestling future. During an interview on the Kurt Angle Show, Benjamin shared that he is still weighing his options and taking his time to decide his next move.

He mentioned that he has received some offers and opportunities but has not committed to anything major yet. Benjamin expressed his desire to have fun and make money in his wrestling endeavors. He emphasized that he’s not looking to build a name for himself, as he already has one, but rather wants to be in a place where he is appreciated, featured, and can enjoy himself.

Despite his 24-year career in the wrestling business, Benjamin remains open to exploring different options and finding the right fit for his next chapter in wrestling. He mentioned taking “temperatures all over the place” and is considering various opportunities.

“To be honest, I don’t know,” Shelton told Kurt Angle on the Kurt Angle Show when asked what’s next for him. “I’m still weighing options. I’ve had a knock on my door here and there. I have no commitments, nothing major to announce aside from a few indie dates and a lot of autograph sessions. I’ve been taking my time on deciding what I want to do next. I am at a point in my career where I want to have fun. If it’s not worth it, I want to have fun and make money, if it’s not worth it, I just don’t want to do it. I’m not trying to build a name, I have a name, but I want to be where I’m appreciated and featured and can have some fun. I’ve never had the superstar complex where, ‘I have to do this.’ No, January 10 marked 24 years in the business for me and I’ve been extremely fortunate with injuries and family life that I can still go out and tear it up with the best of them. I’m just not sure where that’s going to be at this point. I’m taking temperatures all over the place.”


One of the upcoming events where fans can see Shelton Benjamin is at Starrcast in Australia, where he is scheduled to appear.

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