Mandy Rose recently discussed the possibility of making a WWE comeback in the future.

The former “God’s Greatest Creation” disappeared from the professional wrestling scene after her controversial departure from WWE in late 2022. Since then, she has ventured into various third-party projects and has previously stated that she didn’t have the desire to return to wrestling.

However, there have been rumors that WWE might consider bringing back “The Golden Goddess” if the opportunity arises.

During recent episode of the Power Alphas Podcast, Mandy Rose expressed uncertainty about a potential return to WWE. Nevertheless, the former NXT Women’s Champion didn’t entirely close the door on a comeback, acknowledging that fans miss seeing her in the ring:


“I can’t say for sure whether I’ll ever return to WWE. I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future. Right now, I’m enjoying my life. We’re about to get married and we have many exciting plans, trips, and projects in the works. That’s my answer. You should never say never. I will say that if I were to consider a return, it would be for my fans. I know you all miss me and I miss you too,” Rose stated.

Mandy Rose remains uncertain about the possibility of a WWE comeback, but she hasn’t ruled it out entirely. As she enjoys her life, plans her wedding, and explores exciting new opportunities, the door to the wrestling world remains ajar. For now, her fans eagerly await any potential return of “The Golden Goddess” to the squared circle, fueled by the mutual admiration and longing for that electrifying connection between Mandy Rose and her devoted supporters.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Mandy Rose returning to WWE in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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