Pro wrestling fans have certain expectations with what they want to see in the ring. While male wrestlers get their fair share of this criticism, the women are pinpointed by some very nasty remarks. This is an ongoing trend, and more stars are joining the crusade to stop that kind of social media activity.

Deonna Purrazzo is now on AEW television, and she’s getting quite a spotlight. After her first match on AEW Collision, some fans fired off some degrading tweets, but The Virtuoso was able to shut down those body-shaming haters.

ODB has now spoken out about this new wave of body-shaming going on. She dropped a meme of herself, along with some words to take into consideration.

“Stop F’n Body Shaming You Mother Truckers”


For the record, Mickie James made it clear that she is big fan of Deonna Purrazzo’s butt. That being said, others pay a monthly fee to see Purrazzo on OnlyFans, so that is also a present reality.

In case you missed it, Deonna Purrazzo took to Twitter and responded to her body-shamers, emphasizing her accomplishments as a 5-time World Champion, her work with major wrestling companies, and her academic pursuits, including earning a bachelor’s degree and considering a Master’s program. Deonna Purrazzo also mentioned the support from her husband and asserted her self-worth, concluding with a defiant stance against body-shaming.

“Oh, I’ve already seen it.

I had a cry then I realized my worth is NOT determined by 1) my body 2) others perception of me.

I am a 5x World Champion. I have worked with nearly every major company in the world. I am one of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

Furthermore, I just earned my bachelors degree. I am looking to start a Master’s program. AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have a husband who thinks I am beautiful whether I’m a size S or M. (I’ve never ever been a size S.)

They are entitled to their opinion and I’m entitled to tell them to kiss this FAT ass.”

Deonna Purrazzo is still All Elite, and she is going with momentum. People are talking about her, and that is a huge part of the battle. Now, she needs to keep their attention and cash in.

We will keep our eye on this story, and so much more, here at Ringside News. You never know what will happen next, but we will be here with all the updates you need.

What’s your take on this controversy about body-shaming? Let us know what you think about this mindset in the comments section!

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