Carlito was one of better known WWE Superstars during his time in the company, where he won championship gold a few times. His first feud was with John Cena and it was a very controversial one at the time. Now, Carlito decided to defend the said storyline.

During John Cena’s mid-card days in 2004, he collided with SmackDown newcomer Carlito and his bodyguard Jesus in a rivalry that left a lasting impact on the WWE Universe.

The drama escalated with a shocking nightclub incident storyline that added intensity to Carlito’s reign as the United States Champion after his debut and win over Cena. During the incident, John Cena was attacked by Carlito’s bodyguard Jesus in a nightclub.

This ended up leaving him ‘stabbed’ and off TV for several months. Despite the storyline’s perceived brutality, Carlito supported the creative decision, causing a stir in the wrestling world.


While speaking with Alex McCarthy of MailOnline, Carlito defended his decision to be part of the angle. Calirot clarified that as a rookie star, he was open to any idea from WWE creatives and was willing to make the best of it. He expressed his willingness to take on any given role and strive to excel in it.

“I was just coming in. I would have taken any idea. Give me whatever idea you’ve got and I’ll make it work. So they could have told me me do whatever and I would have done it. But I would have tried to make it the best I could.”

Carlito also linked up with John Cena after the Fastlane Premium Live Event last year. The future of Carlito’s career remains to be seen, but he seems to be enjoying his current run with WWE, a return he might not have anticipated for a while. Fortunately, the atmosphere is more positive now, and Carlito intends to maintain that positive trajectory.

What did you think of this controversial angle with Carlito and John Cena? Do you think such an angle would work in this day and age? Let us know in the comments section below!

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